WWE News: Matt Hardy, Bourne, Edge, Dibiase

Matt Hardy has been tweeting up a storm lately. Topics include seeing a doctor about his abdominal injury, the Hardy Show, being traded back to Smackdown (he’s happy about it), and his annoyance at a wrestling journalist who shall remain nameless because Matt doesn’t name him. Also, you can find out about all the places he’s been eating at lately!

Evan Bourne also expressed happiness about switching brands in tweet form.

PWI’s Dave Scherer passes along quotes from an interview Edge did to promote tonight’s TV tapings. The Rated R Superstar talks about how, despite being a ladder match veteran, his recovery from falling off a ladder isn’t improving with age:

“That one really took it out of me. Ten years ago if we did that match you know maybe in a few days we would have felt a lot better. We were 10 years younger though. Now, it took me almost a full week before I could walk upright.”

Scherer also passes along word that Canadian fans will be able to catch the “WWE Vintage Collection” show on the Score (Saturday at 7 PM EST starting this week) and gives this week’s line up for WWEClassics.com. It includes a feature on next week’s guest GM Ted Dibiase (with stories about growing up with the Million Dollar Man as your dad from Ted Jr.), Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect in 1989, and the first Triple H vs. Randy Orton PPV main event for those of you who haven’t had enough of that match up lately (or who want to see their roles reversed; Orton was a face in that one).

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