LIVE Coverage of WWE Smackdown 07.03.09 – Jeff Hardy/CM Punk vs. Edge/Jericho

Welcome to Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE coverage of WWE Smackdown, featuring a main event tag team match between Jeff Hardy and CM Punk and the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Edge.

Smackdown World Champion CM Punk makes his way out to a full entrance and mixed reaction. He has a mic and it’s our opening promo. He brings us through footage of his match against Jeff Hardy at The Bash, where first the match restarted due to his foot being under the ropes. Punk says he’s the one who was almost robbed! Then footage of Punk being “blinded” and then kicking the ref for the DQ. Punk defends himself, and then shows Jeff Hardy attacking him after the match. Apparently Jeff has been vocal backstage about wanting a rematch, which Punk says he’s fine with, providing Jeff apologizes to him. This prompts Smackdown GM Theodore Long to come down to the ring with music. He announces a rematch at the Night of Champions between Punk and Hardy. Finally Jeff Hardy comes out, debates with Punk a bit. Punk acts heelish to Hardy, finally urging him to “Just Say No” to punching him in the face, and the implication of course to just say no to drugs too. JR noticed it.

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RIcky Ortiz vs Finlay
We’re back and Ricky Ortiz is Already In The Ring. Fresh from the 15 Man Trump Trade, Finlay makes his Smackdown re-debut from ECW. Note he is using the happy Irish music so he must still be a face. The Big O has a mic! He tells Finlay to rally up and puts the rally towel on Finlay’s shoulder. That prompts a slap and this match is on. Ortiz gets some offense in, and works over the back. Goes for a gut wrench, but Finlay reverses into the Celtic Cross for the pin.
Winner: Finlay

Backstage Dolph is stretching, and then Mario comes up to him and introduces herself. They have an awkward moment and then she thanks him for last night. Then they are weird about setting up a second date. Does that turn Dolph face?

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Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth
Ziggler comes out looking smug. If this week is any indication, our boy R-Truth has moved ahead of the beleaguered Shelton Benjamin in the depth chart of underpushed black guys. Good high energy match, and both guys hit their spots. Truth hit a really stiff kick at one point. Ziggler jumps up and hits a jumping side Russian leg sweep from behind for the pin.
Winner: Ziggler

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it’s your boys Cryme Tyme with Word Up! The lamborghini Boys, Brooklyn’s Finest and Flintstone G’s. What’s today’s word, Eve?

From the Cryme Tyme Institute of Higher Hooducation
Wangsta – wank-stah – (noun): 1) A person who acts and looks like a gangster or thug, but has never done anything gangster or thug-like besides acting or looking like one

The three of them go on a Street Safari to hunt wangstas. They spot Layla talking to someone. Then they use niboculars to find Jimmy Wang Yang sloppily eating BBQ. Then they find Jesse, who is indeed a wangsta. He does some wangsta lines and Cryme Tyme responds by ending the show in disgust.

Rey Mysterio is here but we are going to a

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Rey Mysterio vs Kane
Apparently Kane shocked the world when he returned at the Bash. I wonder if he had never come back ever if anyone would have been shocked. JR talks about their history together in other, previous terrible matches. Kane lumbers around beating on Rey for a couple minutes and we head into another

Commercial Break

And we’re back and they are still wrestling. I thought maybe they would have had one of those cool “pin that you missed” during the commercial and we could get on with our lives. Kane slams Rey. Kane suplexes Rey. This Rey has such guts to keep getting squashed and kick out! Kane with a backbreaker. Rey with a springboard and a flying tackle and is gaining momentum. Rey off the top and Kane chops him with a choke and gets a 2 count. Kane signals for the full choke slam, Rey somersaults underneath, and hits a couple kicks to set up 6-1-9. Goes for the West Coast Pop, Kane catches him, Rey tries to get out but Kane turns it into a chokeslam for a clean pin. Blech.
Winner: Kane

Ah the match was non title. Kane goes to beat on Rey more, but the Great Khali is here and he has a chair! Kane flees thru the crowd.

Backstage John Matthews interviews the Unified Tag Champs. Jericho and Edge are the best in the world at what they do, says Jericho. Edge mentions Punk’s eye injury and Jericho says Punk’s a liar just like the obsequious gelatinous parasitic drones. Nice.

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The Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme
I still get tricked by that music. Cryme Tyme gets a pretty big pop. Todd teases JR with some wangsta jokes which JR does not appreciate. CT get some offense early but it settles into a long heat sequence on JTG. Builds to a pretty hot tag to Shad, who beats down Smith and Kidd and then goes for a Money Money Yeah Yeah move on Smith. JTG cheap shots DH Smith and Shad grabs him for the front Russian Leg Sweep for the pin.
Winners: Cryme Tyme

Lengthy Raw Rebound with Dave, Randy and his gauntlet match vs. Bourne, Swagger and Mark Henry

Commercial Break

Michelle McCool and Layla vs Melina and Maria
JR called the face team “M&Ms” which seemed to amuse him. Todd mentioned Strong Sexy Smart for the divas and JR noted “I knew you’d say that!”. This was a divas tag team match.
Winners: Melina and Maria

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The Smack of the Week showed John Morrison beating Punk last week and Punk hit a GTS afterwards.

Backstage Teddy Long and John Morrison dance and sing Michael Jackson songs together! Morrison does his best Weird Al to add his own lyrics about how he beat CM Punk and deserves a title match. Teddy digs.

Edges comes out to a separate entrance with both tag belts. Jericho enters next. Promo for next week’s IC Title re-match between Rey and Jericho. We’ll see our heroes enter and the match begin, after a

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Jeff Hardy enters as we’re back to a large pop. Punk enters second to also a pop.

Edge and Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy and CM Punk
Punk and Edge start it out. Tags by the face team and they control early on. They clear the heels from the ring, and stand together in the ring and look suspiciously at each other as we head to the first in-match

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Back and the match seems to have re-started in a sense, with all four guys standing in the ring. Heels take control as CM Punk has eye issues and Jeff Hardy is laid out on the floor. Jericho sends him back in and methodically goes to work. The story becomes that Jeff is going for tags but Punk is wandering around blinded. Hardy hits a desperation Whisper in the Wind and both are down. Each want tags, but only Jericho tags Edge. Jeff finally punches Punk to tag him, who comes in and goes to work on Edge with a running bulldog. Goes for GTS but Edge pulls back with an Edge-a-cusion. Edge then does the NWO too sweet hand symbol to a confused crowd reaction. I mean Edge IS too sweet, but kinda out of place. Jericho and Edge cut off Punk in their corner. Punk groggily goes to tag Jeff, who then feigns and eye injury and runs around the ring as if he is blind. Punk goes for GTS on Jericho, and gets it, but Jericho had tagged Edge, who hits a spear on Punk for the pin.
Winners: Edge and Jericho

After the match, Jeff comes back into the ring and hits a Twist of Fate on Edge and the heels flee. Punk is laid out, Jeff is moving around the ring holding his eye. Then just basically leaves the ring. As he reaches the entrance stage, he makes it clear he wasn’t blind at all. Then claps for himself as we are out.

We’ll see you next week for Smackdown!

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