Shponga Reverie 005

Shponga Reverie 005 – It’s Bambi’s fault !


Bambi O’connor: “I think they will be in a lot of trouble.”

Tipsy Joshstein: “Why?”

Mogadishu Anderson: “Can’t see why. Hot muscled man? check. Fierce CCC carved on chest? check.”

Tipsy Joshstein: “Flexible sidekick, here. Ironic self-referential metadiscoursive quip, super here…”

Bambi O’connor: “Yeah, but i forgot to put the he/she wonder on the case. I left it at the office. I thought they’d only need some coffee, a sarnie, an apple and the latest Reader’s Digest. ”

Mogadishu Anderson: “Girl! you need to check that brain of yours.”