So You Think You Can Dance – Episode 5-8 Review

Top 14 Results! Let’s see who is going home tonight…

The show begins with a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine set to a song from The Wiz. A nice, subtle Michael Jackson shout out. A lot better than a more obvious tribute, with moonwalks and a single glove.

Cat Deeley gets straight to work, announcing that Evan and Randi are safe (really? He must have one serious fan base) and Karla and Vitolio are not. They will be dancing solos tonight. Can’t say that surprises me, and Karla doesn’t look all that shocked either. The next couple are in the bottom are…

Kupono and Kayla? America, sometime you confuse me. This was my favorite performance last night. Maybe Kayla’s Barbie appeal isn’t working with viewers. I get that, but yout can’t deny good dancing. She begins to cry, while Kupono manages to handle the news with a bit more grace.

Our next couples are brought on stage, and Cat points out Caitlyn’s family in the audience – decked out in tin foil claws and horns. Awww. As much as I hate that routine, I love her family for doing that and I feel for Caitlyn and Jason… they worked that routine no matter how bad it was. They are up next to Jeanine and Phillip, who killed it last night. It seems obvious to me (and everyone in the studio) who is in the Bottom 3, but what do we know because Aliens: The Musical is safe. 

Hmphh. Only one of my predictions was correct. Either I need to figure out America’s voting criteria, or the voters need to stop sending the best routines to the bottom.

A quick break while I hyperventilate. Desmond Richardson and Patricia Hachey are the guest dancers! They’re all muscle and grace and I am in awe. Must remember to breathe properly.

On to the solos. I like Karla’s – it’s unique. Kayla seems to have learned from her last time in the bottom, but her solo was still shaky. Not my favorite, but at least she is not crying anymore. Jeanine is a pleasant surprise. We haven’t seen her perform contemporary before, and she is lovely in her own style. Kupono brings a smile to my face simply by dancing to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, he doesn’t dance much though. Phillip was good, he brought more than his usual arm flutter. I wonder if it’ll be enough.

We break for a performance by Kelly Clarkson. Not my jam, but probably the best the show has seen in a while. At least she didn’t lip sync.

Our results! Nigel declares Jeanine’s solo the best of the night and saves her. They unanimously decide to send Karla home, saying she is a good dancer but hasn’t captured the audience. Can’t argue with that. Phillip is saved just as quickly as Jeanine, although Nigel warns that he has a lot of work to do. Kupono gets a talking to about his solo as he never “dances for his life.” This is his second time serving up a craptastic solo, but they still seem to have faith in him. Vitolio is going home.

Not surprising, maybe a bit sad. At least we won’t have any new couples next week. See you then!