10 Thoughts On Smackdown – 07.03.09

1. SmackDown now has five new wrestlers following the big tri brand trade. Now while it doesn’t make the WWE draft look strong, it does bring some interesting new talent. And by that I mean The Hart Dynasty. I see no point on Matt Hardy and Finlay being moved to SmackDown, but I do like the Hart Dynasty move. At least now they have some chance of getting the tag titles.

2. It appears that CM Punk is well and truly working the heel route right now, and his character is a whole lot better because of it. Punk’s first world title reign suffered because he was not given the chance to display his character, a character that is a whole lot more entertaining as a heel, as displayed by his time working the independent scene.

3. Dolph Ziggler continues to get the push he so rightly deserves. Now that his slightly underwhelming feud with The Great Khali is over I hope to see Ziggler get a feud that could propel him to the role of an upper midcard heel.

4. Jesse’s new gimmick totally reminds me of John Cena during his early WWE days. The difference is Jesse portrays it as a complete joke, while Cena attempted to make himself look serious. So far, I’m enjoying Jesse more.

5. WWE are finally pushing Kane as the serious monster that he deserves to be pushed as, and while I can see the benefits of having him dominate Rey Mysterio for over ten minutes, and it was only the match length that salvaged Rey Mysterio’s momentum. What I hated most was that Kane is made to look strong, and is then made to look weaker by having him just run from the Great Khali.

6. Just as I make point 1, the travesty that is Cryme Time going over the Hart Dynasty occurs. Cryme Time are never going to get the tag titles in WWE, that’s a fact that I have come to accept, but the Hart Dynasty still have the potential to be a big name team in a company that is only just getting back on track with their tag team division.

7. Now that Alicia Fox is gone from SmackDown Michelle McCool has been left to go it alone. Personally this is certainly a positive of the trade, because McCool has always worked better as a solo act.

8. Interesting, if slightly odd, segment with Theodore Long and John Morrison. Hopefully Morrison’s statement that he wants Punk for the title leads to Morrison actually getting a World Championship match following Night of Champions.

9. The main event was the highlight of the show. Edge and Jericho are such an interesting team and this match just goes to show what can be done when the tag titles are actually put on a team with some substance. The Edge & Jericho title reign may not last very long, but I hope it leads to the WWE treating their tag team division with a little more respect.

10. Jeff Hardy provided a literal ‘eye for an eye’ moment at the end of SmackDown. While I haven’t been a vocal supporter of the CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy feud it is slowly getting entertaining. They are managing to put on some entertaining matches while also establishing CM Punk as a worth while heel.

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