Big Brother – Episode 11-2 Review

Hello again everyone!!

Since I missed writing about the first episode….this will kind of hit on both.

First I have to say that I am really bummed that Jessie is back this season. I hated him in BB10…and don’t see my opinion changing at all.  The 4 possible houseguests werent the best choices…but I would have gone with Jessica of BB8 waaaaaay before Jessie. If I had my choice of one person returning…well it would have to be Danielle Donato of BB8. I really liked her, and I think it would be cool to see how she does without her Dad there.

Now let me give a bit of a rundown on the new Houseguests…..

Braden – At first I thought I would like this guy. But after watching the first two episodes….yea not a fan. He didnt get much air time…and I really dont mind. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes you say….ummm what??!?! He will be gone soon….I promise you. We will not see much of Braden.

Casey – First thing you think of… Boogie…just a bit aged. He seems like a great character. We don’t know him all that well yet…but I think he will be around for a while. But I predict early Jury for this guy.

Chima – I thought I liked this girl…but the way she acted after losing the Have/Havenot challenge…I may have changed my mind. Such a sore loser…and that never sits well with me. She will not last long.

Jeff – This guy is an early fav of mine. I can really see him coming out with the win. People will like him and want him to be around with them. If he teams up with the right people….the house could be his to run.

Jordan – Ok so Jordan isnt all that bright. But I sure do like her!!! Maybe just to look at….who knows. I dont see her as a huge game player….but I do think she has a chance of being around for a while.

Kevin – Well you just have to have the stereotypical gay guy dont you. At first I thought I wouldnt be a fan….but so far he has me laughing!!! Kevin has a good shot at staying in the house for a long time. I really dont expect him to win…or even be in the Final 2. But yes we will be seeing Kevin for quite some time.

Laura – Boobs.

Lydia – Alright Lydia is my fav. Right when I saw her I knew she would be a fav of mine. She just has to downplay her game play a bit right now. We realized last year that mad game play in week 1 will do you in. I really really hope to see Lydia in it till the end.

Michele – I really don’t have much to say about Michele right now. But she already kind of gets on my nerves. But I do see her sticking around for a while. One of those people that wont leave because others say…oh we can deal with her later. Next thing you know she is sitting in the Final 2.

Natalie – Ok bad move to lie about your age that early. The first thing out of your mouth in the BB house is a lie??? Not a good idea. People will not be happy if they find out her real age. What happens when the booze comes out and she starts drinking. Won’t people find it odd that BB is allowing her to drink???

Ronnie – Always great to see a huge fan make it on the show. His excitment when he entered the house was awesome!! I would have been the same. If he plays his cards right…which he is doing fairly well so far….he can be around for a long time.

Russell – Another early fav of mine. I just hope he doesnt stay with Jessie the whole game. Russell has a good chance of making it far in this game. People like him…he will do well in comps….and he has the right mind set in the game play. Russell will be around a while.

Jessie – Ugh…thats all I have to say. I truely hope Jessie is gone next week.

So there’s my opinions on the HG’s. I really think they did a great job of casting this season. Im very excited to see it all play out.

Now to the Have/Have not challenge. This is a great twist!! Chima is already breaking because of it!! I would go crazy in that bedroom!! This will bring out some raw emotion for sure. And thats what makes this game so great!!! I would really like to see the Jocks in the out crowd next week. Would be hilarious. Mainly to see Jessie in this situation. Hilarious I’m sure.

Now onto Nominations. Chima and Lydia. Chima is supposed to be the pawn because of the Brain/Jock alliance. Unfortunately for her the pawn normally goes. And I would like to see that happen. Lydia cannot leave yet. Theres a lot left for her to do in the house. Lets just cross our fingers for the POV!!! If it does stay the same…I think Lydia will be able to round up the votes. After Chima’s little display after losing…people will not want her around. Guess we will see after Tuesday nights episode.

So all in all I am happy with the first two episodes of season 11. We have a great cast…an unfortuneate returnee…some great twists….looks like it will be a great Summer.

I’ll check in again after the POV episode tomorrow.