Big Brother – Episode 11-2 Review

The second episode in Big Brother is usually the time strategies first arise. In the premiere, everyone just meets everybody, without any strategies. But in the second episode, it all changes. Alliances. Backstabbing. Deals. Promises.

Jessie, as HoH, is in all the power. And as HoH, everyone sucks up to him. Everyone. Because of the cliques twist, all of the athletes are safe and can’t be nominated for eviction, which leaves the Brains, the Offbeats and the Populars eligible to be evicted. And as HoH, Jessie has to nominate two people for eviction. Because no one wants to be nominated, Jessie has everyone in his pocket, or at least he thinks he does. Everyone wants to make deals with him to keep their safety, but that definitely won’t last long. After this week, everyone will forget their promises like usual.

Ronnie thinks he’s a genius, and is without a doubt my least favorite person this season. His “strategy” is so transparent, and anyone can tell when he’s lying. He goes to Jessie and promises him, that WHEN Ronnie wins HoH next week, Ronnie won’t nominate Jessie. Two problems with that. First, Ronnie’s an idiot and odds are HIGHLY against him to become the Head of Household. Second, Jessie’s not dumb enough to believe him. Yeah, Jessie’s dumb but not that dumb. Ronnie is going to find out very soon that no one believes him, and he’s not the king of the house.

Through the episode, a lot of people are just invisible. Braden, Jordan, Michele, Jeff, Casey, none of them have a big role in the episode. But out of the few comments they did have, Jordan is hilarious. I hope she sticks around a long time, because her comments are just pure entertaining.

The houseguests finally learn the other main twist of the season, Haves vs. Have Nots. And instead of just competing for food, they HG’s fight for the privilege of staying OUT of the bedroom from hell and keeping their “comfortable” bedrooms. None of them seem too appealing but after seeing the Have Nots bedroom, the other houseguests have to count their blessings. Sadly for the Brains, they lost the MENTAL competition (of course because of Ronnie. Now HOW does he think he’s going to win HoH next week if he can’t even win a mental competition? Who knows.) and they have to sleep in the Have Nots bedroom, eat slop for the rest of the week and only take cold showers. Not good.

But as for the strategy, Jessie has to nominate two people for eviction and looks to his athletes alliance for guidance. For some reason, Jeff isn’t involved with the Natalie, Russell and Jessie’s alliance. I’m not sure if they had a fight or if they just don’t like each other, but there has to be some reason Jeff isn’t involved in that alliance that the episode didn’t say. Hopefully they’ll explain it on Tuesday’s episode.

Jessie tells the Brains that he’s going to nominate one of them, but as a pawn. At least Ronnie is smart enough to try to stay off the block as a pawn, but he throws everyone under the bus while he does it. So instead of Ronnie going on the block, Jessie chose Chima as one of the nominees. NOOOOOOOO!!! Chima isn’t a threat to anyone, but she’s the pawn. The pawn almost always goes home, but hopefully Chima can break that tradition.

For Jessie’s second nominee, he chose Lydia at the request of Russell and Natalie. Russell thinks he’s in charge of the game and thinks he’s controlling Jessie’s nominations, but I really doubt it. If Jessie wanted someone specific to go up, he’d do it. Russell couldn’t stop him. They just have similar agendas and want the same thing.

On Tuesday’s episode the power of veto competition will take place, and one of the nominees might be changed. Hopefully something big happens, or either Lydia or Chima will go home, who are two of my favorites. BRADEN NEEDS TO GO! His only comment this whole episode was about some spiritualistic nonsense. He brings nothing, besides being a total idiot.

I’ll finish this blog off with something I hope to bring to every blog this season, Jessie’s dumb comment of the episode! (JDCOTE!)

So today’s quote – “I just like how tan these tights make me look

Thanks for the insight Jessie.