Army Wives – Episode 3-7 Review

In last week’s episode of  Army Wives, many things happened. It was a great episode. Pamela questions the way her son’s coach handles certain things to do with the football team. Roxy is still adjusting to having a dog. Joan and Connor are picked to run the war exercise. Connor makes it a huge competition. Claudia Joy, Michael, and Emmalin welcome Haneen into their house. Haneen has second thoughts about the surgery. Haneen’s presence in the Holden’s house opens up old wounds for the family, especially Emmalin. Denise and Frank continue to mend their relationship.

Pamela is not a religious person, but the coach is. Before and after each game, he tells his team to take a knee and they pray. She finds this weird. She questions whether there is a God or not. That is the first thing she disagrees with the coach about. The second thing is that the coach does not believe that the kids should celebrate after they make a great play or win. He also makes the team cheer “2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate, insert other team’s name here” after each game. If they loose and don’t cheer very enthusiastically, he makes them repeat the cheer. In the beginning of the episode Pamela does not like these practices of the coach, but by the end of the episode she believes that she is missing something. She thinks that maybe there is a God and she prays to him before Chase leaves for another mission.

Roxy does not like the dog in her house at all. She is very unhappy and outwardly shows that she doesn’t like Lucky. That was in the beginning of the episode. By the end, she grows less annoyed by Lucky. The reason is because they almost lost Lucky. The boys fed him a whole bag of chocolate chips, which of course are harmful to dogs. They rush Lucky to the vet and he ends up fine. By the end of the episode, Roxy has warmed up to having Lucky in the house. She even lets him sleep in her bed!

Joan is selected to lead a war exercise, along with Connor. They are leaders of opposing forces. Connor is very rude and competitive about it. Joan is competitive right back. She has a great plan, but she probably won’t win the exercise. The reason is that Connor has a spy in her team. One of Joan’s men is feeding Connor information about her plan. I can’t believe he is that conniving. He obviously is not as sure of himself as he believes.

Claudia Joy obsesses over preparations for the arrival of Haneen. She makes sure everything is perfect. She prepares Amanda’s old room for her and cooks a special meal for her. Before they can eat, though, she flees the room. She is very upset. At first, they weren’t sure why she was upset. It turned out that she believed that she too should have died with her family. She feels guilty that she is alive, but her parents, sister, and brother died. This upsets Emmalin because she too feels as if she should have died instead of Amanda. This brings Claudia Joy and Emmalin together.

Denise and Frank are really trying to make their relationship work. They start by simply going to breakfast together and telling the mediator to withdrawal the divorce papers. During their breakfast, they realize that they need help deciding where to go with their relationship. They decide to go see a counselor, who suggests that they begin dating, which they do.

Altogether this episode was fairly good. It was not my favorite, but it kept me entertained. I am looking forward to the next episode!