DC Comics & Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 Spoilers & Review: Snowflame Returns!

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DC Comics and Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 Spoilers and Review follows.

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Snowflame Returns!

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What To Expect.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-1 Kris Anka

Written by KYLE STARKS
Cover by KRIS ANKA

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-2 Steve Lieber

Variant cover by STEVE LIEBER
1:25 variant cover by MIGUEL MERCADO
Movie poster variant cover by KRIS ANKA
$4.99 US | 32 pages | 4 of 6 | (all covers are card stock)

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-3 Miguel Mercado

Things go from bad to worse when Peacemaker, with the help of some Golden Age superheroes, infiltrates General Immortus’s secret island base—but ends up captured by a drug smuggler with a penchant for his own goods. Bullets, powder, and punches fly, and Peacemaker’s geriatric squad have victory in sight. But first…they’ll have to get through Deathstroke! Well…kinda…

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 Spoilers and Review.

Peacemaker and the Red Bee head to the Amazon in the Blackhawk’s plane looking for the Brain.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-X Snowflame

They are greeted by poisonous tree frogs that can kill 10-20 grown men at once.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-Y Snowflame

It’s not the frogs that get them, but henchmen with guns.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 0-Z Snowflame

Snowflame’s henchmen!

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 1 Snowflame

In his monologue, they learn that Snowflame works for the Brain.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 2 Snowflame

As he’s talking to his captives, he continues to use blow, and is expectedly unhinged.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 3 Snowflame

The Red Bee has his very strong pet Bee named Michael free Peacemaker and him from their handcuffs.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 5 Snowflame

Snowflame uses a new manifestation of his cocaine-fueled powers to attack the.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 6 Snowflame

Michael even brings Peacemaker’s gun to him, but Snowflame demonstrates a new invulnerability that he didn’t manifest in past appearances.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 7 Snowflame

Enter a poisonous frogs who attacks Snowflame from is cocaine pile and leaves him laying.

Peacemaker Tries Hard #4 spoilers 8

The book ends with a kid showing Peacemaker and Red Bee pointing them in the direction of the Brain who, unknown to them, has Deathstroke as protection.

The Pulse.

This is Snowflame third appearance in DC Comics since his debut in 1988 (full spoilers here) and return in 2020 (full spoilers here). This story is the best of the bunch as it doesn’t take the character too seriously nor play him for a laughs as window into 1980s culture. It shows the character as being hobbled by his addiction and embraces his absurdity. Story tone may not generally be my cup of tea, but it had its moments. Art was amazing. 6.5 out of 10.

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