Big Brother – Episode 11-8 Review

Why is Ronnie still here? Why is Ronnie not on the block? Why is Ronnie still on my tv screen? WHY??????????

I’m not sure if I’ve ever despised a contestant as much as I despise Ronnie. Now Jessie is a close second, but Ronnie still takes the cake. They both need to go home, and I don’t think Ronnie is going to be backdoored this week. Jessie is going to want to keep him safe. Ugh.

To the nominees – Jordan and Michele. Jordan’s an easy target because she’s the only one in the popular clique left, and Michele in my opinion is a threat. She can easily win this game (and I hope she does!) because she’s smart and likable, a dangerous combination in the Big Brother house. Jessie’s still being controlled by Natalie and Russell even if he doesn’t think he is, but I do respect his nominations. From his point of view, Jordan and Michele are probably his threats so I can see why he nominated them. But it frustrates me to no end that Jessie won HoH. Jeff was so close and this week would be 100% better if he had.

I did enjoy seeing Jessie’s HoH pictures, because they all include the person Jessie loves the most – himself. Can anyone say conceited?

The “love triangle” between Natalie-Lydia-Jessie is pretty entertaining, because it hopefully will cause a rift in that alliance and save Jeff/Michele/Jordan/Casey for the next few weeks. Even if one of them goes home this week, they still have a chance at HoH and maybe could stay if Lydia or Natalie won HoH. Or Kevin for that matter, because he is the ultimate lapdog of Lydia. He’d do anything she said. Anything. And that puts a big target on both Lydia and Kevin’s backs. But for now, they’re safe so it’s probably a good strategy.

But Natalie is the one in Jessie’s alliance, not Lydia. And Lydia is definitely of the jealous type, so that doesn’t bode well for an alliance between Natalie and Lydia. It’s not going to happen. But that’s a good thing, because I wouldn’t mind either of them going home. On the other hand, Kevin is really only in this game for comedic relief, at least that’s how he’s being edited. He does have some pretty entertaining diary rooms and makes some funny comments, so I hope he sticks around for a while. The best comment of the episode was Kevin’s reason for targeting the Brains in the Have Nots competition and wanting Ronnie on slop – “He needs to lose some weight anyways, I’m doing him a favor!

For the Have and Have Nots competition, Jessie needs to never host with an accent again. It’s horribly and excruciating to listen to. But I was glad the Brains lost. Just knowing how much Chima hates being the Have Nots, and knowing that she was the one who lost the competition for the Brains, well it makes me smile just a little bit.  The competition did look fun though!

I really hope Michele wins the power of veto on Tuesday, but who knows what will happen. On to the DCOTE, here’s another zinger from Jessie –

“In this game, it’s not always a good thing to be ridiculously good looking.”

Wow, conceited much?