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The basic concept of TNA Victory Road, which was already in place before Jeff Jarrett took a leave of absence, was to build the show around the Main Event Mafia winning all of the titles. This was the reason why Homicide vs Suicide for the X Division Title was left off of the show, since for some reason that belt was removed from the concept. At the start of the Mafia angle the idea had been to make the dominant so that the Frontline babyfaces could come back and win. This was based upon the nWo as well as another version Dutch Mantel had booked successfully in Puerto Rico years ago. However, after the Frontline concept tanked as the members were made to look like losers, they decided to reboot at Victory Road with Sting on the side of the babyfaces this time around. On the show, Mick Foley gave the backstage pep talk to Beer Money and A.J. Styles that had been written for Jarrett. Mantel and Vince Russo also decided to add more ‘clean’ finishes to the show.

There are no plans to incorporate the Karen Angle story into an on-screen storyline between Kurt Angle and Jarrett but that could very easily change. Those in the know have known about the Karen/Jarrett relationship for months. It has only been since it became widespread public knowledge that Kurt has become vocal about his displeasure with it. Kurt had said several months back on the Howard Stern Show that he thought Karen was having an affair with someone in TNA but could not prove it at that time. He had bought a house for Karen in Pittsburgh as part of their divorce agreement. It was across the street from the house they had lived in together, which Kurt is now selling to move closer to the airport. Karen also received a large divorce settlement. There are conflicting reports as to whether she is now living with Jarrett or not but they are involved with one another.

One big change that happened at Victory Road was Sting tapping out to Samoa Joe. Sting was meant to have been pinned with a Muscle Buster but he allegedly forgot the finish. Joe tried to get Sting up for the move twice but then called an audible, put him in a choke and called for Sting to tap out. People backstage were unhappy as they had been trying to put over the idea on Impact that Foley had not tapped since 1991. Him tapping out to Kurt in the main event was meant to be a big deal but it was diluted somewhat by Sting tapping out in the previous match.

Another booking alteration was made at the prior Impact tapings when Kevin Nash, Booker T and Scott Steiner beat Styles and Beer Money. Nash beat Styles cleanly and quickly with a powerbomb. The original plan was for Styles to have been left three-on-one during the elimination match. When he showed up for work he had no feeling in one of his hands and so as a precautionary measure he was taken out of the match as soon as possible.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 27th July 2009 (subscribe here)

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