WWE Updates on Mid-South Wrestling, Pretty Ricky

WWE is back in negotiations to purchase the Mid-South Wrestling video library. It is owned by Ene Watts, ex-wife of Bill Watts. WWE has been trying to purchase the collection for many years but Ene has been asking for more than they were prepared to pay. Apparently Ene has also been hoping to get Erik Watts a job in WWE as part of the deal, which WWE has not been too keen on.

Ron Killings used to do the Pretty Ricky character backstage and at the hotel when he was in TNA. It was based on a character Martin Lawrence used to do on his TV show. He started to do it again in WWE, then Vince McMahon saw it and loved it. Although a lot of people think it is a career-killer to do the character on TV, Vince brought him into a booking meeting unannounced as Pretty Ricky. Vince marked out for the goofy things he did and so all the other writers acted like they loved it as well. Christopher DeJosephs has been writing the segments. They are legitimate in that Killings does not interact with fans, since they would recognise him, but with various arena staff so that they will get confused and call for security.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 27th July 2009 (subscribe here)

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