The Countdown To CSI: NY Season 6 Begins!

Hey guys! Being that September is closing in, the countdown to the new fall season has begun. And no one is more excited for the return of CSI:NY than me. I’ll be with you every step of the way this season and I look forward to discussing the show with you.

September 23 is still a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start the discussion early! Let’s begin by recapping the season finale that left everyone on the edge of their seats.

Last season ended with a bang – literally. Okay, so more like a machine gun worth of bangs but still. After the emotional death of Detective Jessica Angel, the gang gathered at a local bar to toast her memory. The final scene shows a faceless driver open rapid fire on the bar – every one of the team racing to find cover. And there it ends. Who, if anyone was shot? And did they die?

It should be no secret if you are the true fan that I am that writers and cast members alike have all said that a member of the team’s life hangs in balance. Whether or not this means someone dies, who knows. Many speculation and rumors have been going around as to who it will be. Will the writers please the fans and maybe go with a less prominent team member like Adam or Syd or will they aim for drama and ratings and hit one of the 6 main characters (Mac, Stella, Danny, Lindsay, Hawkes, and Flack)? My bet is on Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo). Of those 6, Danny is the only one who hasn’t seemed to suffer a great deal. Stella had an abusive boyfriend whom she ultimately ended up killing and Flack suffered serious trauma in the second season finale duringĀ an explosion. And let’s not forget the 333 stalker Mac had in season 4. Last season Hawkes was confronted with his past when an old girlfriend came to him wanting out of an abusive relationship. And being that Lindsay just had a baby, I’m betting that the writers wouldn’t be stupid enough to have her be the one fighting for their life. This leaves Danny Messer – CSI:NY’s resident bad boy and heartthrob.

This season premiere cannot come soon enough for me, but I want to hear your thoughts on what’s going to happen during the up-coming season. Who do you guys think will be hanging on for dear life?