Mitch Fatel is Magical – DVD Review


Can you handle an hour of sex jokes from the mind of a 14-year-old?

Cause that’s what you’re getting here. The running time is listed at 64 minutes, I didn’t count but there were probably less than five jokes that didn’t have to do with something about sex. And those five jokes he got to by making jokes about sex. Basically his set works the same way most people assume guys’ minds work.

The jokes themselves range from freaking hilarious to mildly amusing, but the presentation bumps them up a few notches on the funny meter. For those who haven’t seen or heard Mitch perform, he sort of talks like he’s retarded. In one of his old bits he says if they sent all the retarded people to an island away from the general public, he’d be sent to the island but would be their king because he can cut his own meat. So was born Super Retardo. Pretty sure he’s not actually retarded though. Can’t be using words like conundrum if he was. But the acting completely different that you actually are is pretty much standard for stand-up comedians. I can think of a fat, flannel wearing redneck that has perfected that.

That’s the other thing that makes Mitch funny; he combines the slightly retarded voice with intelligent humor. Yeah all the jokes are about sex, but he uses big words to set them up from time to time. This really surprises you from time to time with the sudden drop of a word you actually have to think about the meaning of. But then after talking about big words and intelligent humor, he’s right back into the stupid humor and rolling along talking about cats and horses and sex. The first two tie in with the last one in truly horrifically funny ways. I honestly just about fell off the couch laughing during the horse bit. That bit alone is probably worth the cost of the DVD.

The set isn’t entirely new. A lot of it is rehashed stuff that has been in his older specials, but the stuff that is left over is the funny stuff, and the new stuff is enough to keep it feeling fresh and new. I don’t know the exact or even an estimate as to new/old bits because I don’t have all his stuff memorized, but you can safely bet if you own all of his stuff or even if you’ve just seen all of his stuff some of this is going to feel old.

This may be just me, girls might think differently, but I wouldn’t do many close-ups of him if I was directing the show. That’s all. He’s not the most attractive guy around. Neither am I. I’d like to think I better looking than him; I may have to ask around. He’s not hideous, neither am I, but he doesn’t have the typical “TV face”. I don’t know why I wrote this entire paragraph, it just sorta happened.

Mitch Fatel is Magical is presented in Widescreen format and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound.
There are a couple places where there is a speck of dust on a lens or the light hits the lens and leaves a bunch of spots in the shot. For something that’s shot for TV it’s not bad. The audio is good which is pretty impressive considering how much he whispers and how easily that can sound like crap with a microphone.

Nothing worth the disc space.

Mitch is A Big Star – This is an outtake from the show with Mitch yelling about his water not being open and then talking about his Christian Bale moment.

Mitch is Photogenic – A photo shoot in front of a green screen for the DVD backgrounds

Mitch is Imitated – Fans attempt to tell his jokes.

Mitch is Perverted – Fans attempt to describe Mitch Fatel

Mitch is Reviewed – Fans are asked about the show as they leave

Mitch is Talented – Fans say how they think Mitch would be in bed

Mitch is Animated – A joke with poor animation that should and probably is on YouTube

Immature, demented, perverted, confused, and hilarious. That sums up Mitch Fatel pretty well as well as this special, Mitch Fatel is Magical. You’ll get huge laughs out of it, you might even learn a thing or two if you take notes. He does give a couple useful pointers if you pay attention.

Paramount Pictures Presents Mitch Fatel is Magical. Starring Mitch Fatel. Written by Mitch Fatel. Running time: 64 minutes. UnRated. Released on DVD: September 22nd, 2009. Available at

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