America's Next Top Model Episode 13-7 Review

Show starts with a little dumping on Nicole- hmmmm.

Benny Ninja is here to teach them to dance.They are going to dance with the Jabber Wackies to sad, happy and angry for $17K in jewelry- cute Laura says she has never had $17,000 of anything! As hard as the task is, it is made worse with only one hour to plan out and practice the dance routine. All three seem to get the point, but I like team 1 best, and they win. Ashley, the dance teacher is really down and predicts that she will have trouble getting over it.

Photo shoot in Las Vegas- pack a carry-on and land at Mystere, a Circque du Soleil production of FABU IMAGES AND COLOR- such visual gorgeousness, a model could get lost. THEY will shoot in groups of three, very beiged- down, with wild hair- Brit, Jen and Rai coming first. Jen is having trouble…next,Sundai, Erin, Nicole- Sundai standing out; lastly, Ashley, Kara, Laura, with L. raving about her clothes, hair and make-up, A+K rather dull.

Back in LA, the judges review: Brit- Rai- Jen, good- Rai best, Jen worst; Laura is fab, Ashley is weak, Kara nervous; Erin OK+, Nicole OK-, Sundai has power.. I think Laura best, Jen worst…

Judges love my darlings,LAURA and SUNDAI- I think these are two to watch; Ashley, Kara, Jen in trouble. Jen saved in group win by Brit and Rai. KARA and ASHLEY bottom two. Tyra points out that the weakest girl determines the picture she has to pick, as she givs them the least useable film- good point. Sadly, true to her own prediction, Ashley goes home.

Pictures to post seperately.