The Office – Episode 6-04 & 6-05 Review

“It’s amazing that a three pound fetus is calling the shots! It’s so badass.”


After Pam and Jim hold a do’s and dont’s meeting, the office is on the road to Niagara Falls  for the wedding. Pam warns everyone that her conservative grandmother does not know about the pregnancy. Michael and Dwight look forward to meeting Pam and Jim’s young female relatives.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Pam and Jim find that Andy has booked the honeymoon suite the night before they have so that he can “break in the bed.”

Michael also finds that the hotel is completely booked and Dwight will not let him share. He tries to bunk with everyone else who had the foresight to make a reservation. Toby offers him an extra bed but Michael refuses, stating that Toby will be “sleeping alone for the rest of his life.”

“When Mary was denied a room at the inn, Jesus was born. When Michael was denied a room at the inn…we don’t know. Because that story hasn’t been told yet.”

Ironically, Jim (who made Michael promise not to speak at all) accidentally blurts out during his toast that Pam cannot drink. Her grandmother is visibly disappointed and several of the guests are surprised. Michael intercedes with a tirade about how they couldn’t be blamed because of the sensation of unprotected sex. Pam’s grandmother decides to leave before the wedding.

Andy throws a dance party in his room which ends in him attempting a split and subsequently tearing his scrotum. Pam takes Andy to the hospital while Jim goes out drinking with Michael and Dwight, who ends up hooking up with one of Pam’s friends.

On the wedding day, Kevin decides to spruce himself up with a hair piece; Andy is touched by Erin’s gesture of giving him a piece of fabric to sit on to protect his scrotum; Dwight blows off Pam’s friend Isabel as he continues to mingle with the female relatives; and Michael finally manages to meet a woman: Pam’s mom.

After she tears her veil, Pam vents to Jim about how all of their guests are driving her crazy. She and Jim decide to run away and be married in peace.

When they return, the wedding commences and they are surprised to find that they are pranked by their guests who reenact this video:

Intercut with the ceremony is Pam and Jim’s real wedding with a boat’s captain beneath the Falls.

“I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video.”

The episode closes with Pam’s mom leading Michael into her hotel room…


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