2010 MLB Free Agent Class: Wrap-up

When I did the AL teams, I used the list that was compiled before the season was finished. MLB Trade Rumors has the list up with the final numbers. Some of the NL players were listed incorrectly and are now updated below as well.

I’ve listed the current status of the players and put the original status in parenthesis. I’ve also updated the max potential picks for the changes in the same manor.

Boston Red Sox
Jason Varitek – B (None)
Max Potential Picks Added: 8 (7)
This shouldn’t change much for the Sox. They have their catcher for next year.

New York Yankees
Jerry Hairston Jr – B (None)
Andy Pettitte – B (A)
Max Potential Picks Added: 6 (6)
This won’t change much either. Hairston may get an arbitration offer so the Yankees get can get an extra pick. Pettitte will be back no matter what.

Chicago White Sox
Freddy Garcia – Option picked up
Max Potential Picks Added: 4 (4)
This doesn’t change the picks, just adds another rotation candidate for the White Sox.

Oakland Athletics
Justin Duchscherer – B (A)
Max Potential Picks Added: 1 (2)
This hurts since I’d assume Beane didn’t trade him before the season because (a) he’d help the team that they were hoping to compete and (b) Beane thought he’d get 2 picks for him. I still think they’ll offer him arbitration.

Seattle Mariners
Erik Bedard – B (None)
Max Potential Picks Added: 2 (1)
Bedard was probably getting arbitration either way, but this at least gets the Mariners something for giving up a ton of talent.

New York Mets
Brian Schneider – None (B)
Gary Sheffield – None (B)
Fernando Tatis – B (None)
Max Potential Picks Added: 2 (3)
I’m not surprised that Schneider and Sheffield lost their B status, but I’m surprised Tatis achieved it. I don’t think the first 2 would have received arbitration offers anyway, but Tatis might get one now; he won’t command a huge raise and there is a good opportunity for utility players this off season.

Philadelphia Phillies
Pedro Feliz – None (B)
Max Potential Picks Added: 4 (5)
No real loss, as I didn’t see the Phillies hanging on to him.

Chicago Cubs
Reed Johnson – None (B)
Max Potential Picks Added: 5 (6)
See Pedro Feliz comments above.

St. Louis Cardinals
Mark DeRosa – B (A)
Max Potential Picks Added: 5 (6)
This stings a little, since DeRosa may be cut loose depending on what it takes to sign Matt Holliday. 1 pick is better than none, but I bet the Cards were hoping for 2 picks here.

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