WWE Superstars recap 11/12/09

Matt Hardy vs. David Hart Smith: Smith is accompanied to ringside by Tyson Kidd and Natalya, while Matt has only the internet to watch his back. Smith begins by trying to work the left arm of Hardy which Matt answers with a series of side-headlocks. Smith is able to take the action into the corner and uses his power to take a brief advantage. But Matt answers that barrage with a neckbreaker and then connects with his yodeling/extreme legdrop from the second rope. The action goes out side very briefly but once back in the ring, Hardy goes to the top rope again but after a distraction by Kidd, Smith halts his climb and hits a super-plex from the top rope to put both men down and the show takes a commercial break.

As we return from break, Smith is in control and trying to work a submission hold. After a brief abdominal stretch attempt DH hits a big powerslam and that gets him a two count. Smith follows with a northern lights suplex and then a back suplex that both get him long two counts on Hardy. David places Matt on the top rope for another suplex attempt but gets elbowed off and Hardy sort of connects with a moonsault. Matt goes up top again and eventually hits an elbow drop on the rising Smith. He tries for the Twist of Fate but it is dodged but Hardy is able to land the Side Effect for a long two count. Kidd again offers a distraction and Smith is able to nail Matt with a big boot. The ref starts to eject Kidd and Natalya from ringside but Hardy is able to use that distraction to his advantage to roll Smith up for a three count and the win.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Zack Ryder: Rosa Mendes accompanies Ryder to ringside for this rematch from last week’s ECW that was won by Benjamin. Both men slug it out early and Zack tosses Shelton out of the ring in an effort to end that but he is back in quickly to continue the attack. Benjamin attempts a springboard attack in the corner but gets caught and knocked down allowing Ryder to gain control. Zack nails a flying leg-lariat for a two count as we get another look at Rosa and so far they have shown as many camera shots of her as they have of the in-ring action. Benjamin is tossed into the corner but is able to use it as a springboard to hit a flying crossbody and that gets him a two count. Shelton looks to hit Ryder with a powerbomb but he reverses out of it with a head scissors that sends both men outside the ring. As Shelton gets back in the ring, Mendes comes over to check on Zack and he gets distracted staring at her and is counted out. Well that certainly was an unusual way to end a match. Post match Ryder climbs back in the ring and Shelton nails him the Paydirt for being so stupid.

Your Superstar video package of the week is for Triple H’s new workout buddy Sheamus. I guess that Dolph Ziggler is the actual “Superstar of the Week” though because he is the one in the commercial for you to enter the contest to win tickets to WrestleMania 26 on WGN’s website. Josh Matthews interviews Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes backstage and they say “ballin” and “thugs” a few times while running down MVP and their other opponents for Survivor Series.

MVP vs. Ted Dibiase Jr: Cody accompanies his partner to ringside but MVP also has back-up in the form of Mark Henry. After an awkward feeling out process, MVP is able to gain control briefly with a clothesline and tries for two quick covers following a series of maneuvers. MVP tosses Ted into the ropes but misses with a big boot when Cody pulls his partner out of the ring. As Legacy has a conference, MVP nails them both with a slingshot crossbody over the top rope. MVP climbs back into the ting to celebrate and the show takes a final commercial break.

As we return to the show, MVP is rolling up Dibiase for a 2.7 count. MVP goes for the Playa’s Boot in the corner but misses and Ted dumps him outside the ring. Junior follows him outside and uses the barricade and ringpost to his advantage before rolling his opponent back into the ring. Ted stays in control as he keeps MVP grounded on the mat and begins to focus on his left arm. MVP punches his way back into things and is able to battle back with one arm and hits the Ballin’ Elbow. He tires for the Playmaker but Ted escapes before walking into a big boot. Cody tries to get involved in the match but Henry slows his role to keep the playing field even. Meanwhile back in the ring, a reversal sequence ends with MVP rolling up Dibiase and he’s able to hold on to him just long enough to get the pinfall victory.

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