Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams – DVD Review


Most often we get Disney releases that are either feature length films or compilation collections. Bits and pieces from the famed films are thrown together for a princess collection or a villain collection or having something to do with Mickey and the gang. But things are a bit different this time around as these Enchanted Tales are new stories put together so that two of our favorite princesses, Jasmine and Aurora, can go off on new adventures. Mind you these two lovely ladies have very short adventures on this DVD release, but they are different then the films that have come before them nonetheless. Setting out to teach young girls lessons in perseverance and achieving your dreams, who better to do so then the beautiful princesses that they’ve come to love so much?

First up in “Keys to the Kingdom” is Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) is left all by her lonesome as the men head off to a conference of kings. The love of her life Prince Philip sets out with Aurora’s father and his own for this royal conference to convey and figure out all that must happen throughout the kingdom. Aurora is left in charge of the kingdom, but Merryweather, one of the fairies, is not entirely sure things will go so smoothly while everyone is away. She therefore leaves her magic wand with Aurora advising her to only use it in dire need. One thing leads to another and the responsibilities of running the kingdom get to be too much so Aurora must use magic to help her out, but that only ends up making matters worse. Will she ever be able to run the kingdom she is destined to rule over?

Our next story is entitled “More Than a Peacock Princess” and stars Jasmine (Aladdin) who actually wants more to do in her life then the dull and drab existence she currently goes through. Her father, The Sultan, helps her routine get a little more exciting by putting her in charge of a classroom full of not the best children in the kingdom. At the same time, Jasmine’s mother’s horse Sahara has gotten loose and run away but the princess uses this situation to her advantage in teaching the students a lesson. Her once uneventful life is now full of adventure and she must do everything she can to merely get it back in order.

It is obvious from the start that Disney’s B-Team is who went to work on not only the animation for these stories but the actual scripts and songs as well. In no way is anything all that memorable or even catchy enough to stick in your minds so don’t go off expecting to quote lines or even really remember what happened later on in the day. Children will surely get a kick out of the tales and that especially holds true for little girls who are the main demographic here. Enchanted Tales is not meant to be the groundbreaking films that Disney usually produces but simply a learning tool for children to get lessons in life. Not a bad idea either considering that the lessons are tucked inside animated shorts full of the favorite characters the kids daydream of being.

The film is shown in 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format and no issues to be found here as expected. The colors are bright when needed and dulled down at the appropriate time with picture perfect animation.

The film is heard in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound and it comes through very well with great acoustics for the music while the dialogue can all be heard clearly and loudly.

Aurora’s Dress-Up – An interactive game for kids that needs to ONLY be played by kids. Adults will end up wanting to throw the remote at the TV.

Find Sahara – Another game for kids.

Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Kingdom of Kindness Sneak Peek

The Princess and the Frog Sneak Peek

Music Videos – “Happiness Was Made To Share” from Cinderella II and “Working For A Dream” from Mulan II

Coming from a straight-up Disney nut, this is not a DVD release that overly thrills me but I don’t think it’s supposed to. Although Disney films with princesses in them are aimed at anyone of any age; Princess Enchanted Tales is specifically garnered towards young girls. The special features with the games are aimed at girls and Lord knows you won’t enjoy them unless you’re under the age of…6 months maybe. Ok sorry, 6 years. Everything else including the main feature is never anything I’d watch again but you know that the kids will and parents may get a kick out of knowing they found something else to occupy their little ones for an hour and a half. From what I’ve found out though; this release is a double-dip from a few years ago and the only addition/change is the stuff with The Princess and the Frog. If you ask me that isn’t worth a second helping of Mickey Mouse ears.

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment presents Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams. Directed by: David Block. Starring (voices): Susanne Blakeslee, Frank Welker, Erin Torpey, Corey Burton, and many more. Running time: 56 minutes. Rating: G. Released on DVD: September 8, 2009. Available at Amazon.com