Trailer for Butler and Aniston's The Bounty Hunter


I think it’s safe to say that Jennifer Aniston will never take a chance when it comes to doing a movie. Her career has been defined by cookie-cutter romance comedies with little advancement beyond that genre. At least Anne Hathaway went from The Princess Diaries to do stuff like Havoc and Rachel Getting Married. In Aniston’s latest movie, The Bounty Hunter, she plays opposite Gerard Butler. The premise is that Butler is a bounty hunter who is hired to track down Aniston – who just happens to be his ex-wife (shocking!). If that doesn’t scream eye-rolling lameness, I don’t know what does.

The trailer can also be viewed in high-definition at Yahoo.

The Bounty Hunter is directed by Andy Tennant, a comedy-director-for-hire (see also Shawn Levy, Walt Becker and Adam Shankman), who has also helmed It Takes Two, Fools Rush In, Fool’s Gold, and Sweet Home Alabama. His biggest hit to date is Hitch.

Sony Pictures is bringing the comedy to theaters beginning March 19, 2010.

Okay fellas, does this look like a comedy that you’ll be dragged to see, or is the star of 300 enough make you want to watch? (Remember, All About Steve with Bradley Cooper came out after the success of The Hangover and look how that turned out.)

Credit: Yahoo


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