Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano
Survivor Marquesas, Survivor All-Stars, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains

What is there to say about Boston Rob that hasn’t already been said? When I first saw Rob on Survivor Marquesas, I thought that he was made for the game. He was charming and sarcastic. He invented the strategy of aligning with the weak when he wanted to immediately target Hunter Ellis which many thought was stupid since the pilot would have kept the tribe stronger. I severely disagreed. Rob managed to basically scheme his way into control of his tribe. If not for an absolutely horrendous twist which left him at John’s mercy with the numbers, he would have sailed to victory on Marquesas because he would have gotten rid of the strong and won all the individual immunities. When he was given a second chance on All-Stars, he absolutely owned the game. Anyone he wanted gone was immediately voted off and this time. When faced with another horrible twist (which I have long maintained should have been eliminated from the game), Rob managed to save his in-game girlfriend and strongest ally by lying to Lex and Kathy. The only reason he didn’t win is because he was faced with the most bitter jury of all-time and his loss is truly the show’s greatest tragedy.

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