More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: B-Day Mix!

I’ve got a coworker whose birthday is on Sunday. She’s quite the character. We’re pretty much on the same page when it comes to matters of pop culture and even events at work. She’s certainly one of people that I’d miss if I ever left the place.

Oh, and she gave me the name for my vanity band when I’m a celebrity: Jumpsuit Sweatpants.

It stemmed from her constant inability to spit out a name. For instance, when asking if I’d heard a new song by a female singer songwriter her description was “y’know, the one who cut her hair” (The answer: Norah Jones).

So when we were talking about the Katy Perry/Russell Brand coupling, I remarked that I was surprised that she broke up with her ex. I was struggling to come up with his name and in an effort to aid me she said “oh, the guy from Jumpsuit Sweatpants.” At which point I promptly burst out laughing. It was the funniest thing I’d heard that day and it stuck with me.

Since her birthday is on Sunday I figured I’d make her mix and she requested songs by females. Here is that mix:

Rilo Kiley – “Silver Lining”
I’m a sucker for songs about breakups, that lack remorse. Jenny sounds so darn cold in this song that it’s downright sexy.

Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move”
I’m still not sick of this song and this is the song that put me down with the group. I love the harmonies and off-kilter melody. This might be my new “if you don’t dig this song, you’re suspect” song.

Tegan & Sara – “On Directing”
I really like the kinetic energy in this song; it’s almost boundless. Plus, I doubt that she’s heard Tegan & Sara, and I think this would be a good introduction.

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – “Rise Up with Fists!!!”
This is practically my old standby. I really like the song and I’m pretty sure that everyone who hears it will at least appreciate it.

Neko Case – “I’m an Animal”
I feel in love with Middle Cyclone last year. This song is one of the strongest on the album. Sure it’s brief, but it’s packed with emotion.

The Watson Twins – “I’m an Animal”
I really wanted to include some of their solo work (wait, does that even make sense?) plus I’m really digging this song via my latest Paste sampler.

Norah Jones – “Ocean of Noise”
I’m an Arcade Fire fan, and I really think that Norah does the song justice. Her breathy vocals add a seductive quality missing from the original, and her band does a stellar job of backing her.

Tegan & Sara – “Nineteen”
I selected the version from The Con Demos because I think that the rougher edge really adds something to the song. Again, I’m pretty much trying to sell her on every artist, and this song seems very saleable.

The Cardigans – “In the Round”
I’m pretty sure that she, like 99% of people, thinks that The Cardigans faded into obscurity after their one hit. Hopefully this will show her that they’re still making quality songs.

Laura Veirs – “Life is Good Blues”
I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately and I’m really feeling it. It met the “female” criterion, so it made the cut.

Jill Andrews – “City Noise”

Jenny Lewis – “Pelican Bay”
I love this b-side. I love the seen-it-all jadedness in her vocals and the unique subject matter.

Feist – “The Water”
I chose the demo version of this song, again, for the rawness. I like the melancholy that the starkness evokes. The album version comes close to being overproduced, which takes something away from it.

She & Him – “Take it Back”
Y’know, upon listening to this song I really hope that my 100-percent platonic friend doesn’t get the wrong idea about this mix. This song may have been a mistake.

Fiona Apple – “O’Sailor”
This is one of my favorite Fiona songs. This song is so great that I love both versions of it, the leaked and the album. Also, I know that she digs Fiona.

Norah Jones – “Back to Manhattan”
I think that this song plays to Norah’s strengths with its forlorn lyrics and sense of longing. It’s a great break-up record.

The Cardigans – “If There Is a Chance”
Once again, I’m trying to prove that the Cardigans have a pulse.

Feist – “La Sirena”
I’m pretty sure that she’s never head Feist’s debut album, so even if she’s a fan, this will be a treat.

Amy Winehouse – “What it is”
Surprise, it’s another demo version. I know for a fact that she’s never heard Frank, but that she dig’s Amy. Hopefully this will open her ears a bit more.

Norah Jones – “Man of the Hour”
My friend is a dog lover, so I thought that this would be cute little way to end the mix.

Personally I think that it’s a pretty solid mix. I mean, I definitely invested enough time to make this count as a well thought out gift.

I just hope that she thinks so. Ah, I know she will…

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