My Thoughts on Tiger Woods — I'm Tired

I’m tired — tired of hearing that I should ‘leave Tiger alone’ — tired of hearing that he ‘needs his privacy’ — tired of being told ‘others are doing far worse, bother them’ — Listen, Tiger is a Kagillia-Billionaire, and he owes damn-near ALL of it to his (previous) marketability. So let me get this straight…’s OK for him to get grotesquely rich trying to get us in his business (ie, Nike, Buick, Gatorade, etc) but NOW, after a ‘transgression’, we’re just supposed to get out?? I don’t think so — the reason nobody cares about the oil-change tech down the road cheating on his wife is because that dude has NEVER invited us into his life, let alone get punk-nutty rich off of us. But Tiger has. Over and over and over and over and….before this Thanksgiving (and after, actually, but for different reasons) he was everywhere.

Hey, I don’t have any opinion on the actual problem between he and his wife — that’s their deal, totally, I don’t have a dog in that fight — but, when she married him, she KNEW what she was getting into — not the extra-marital affair part, I don’t imagine, but the media circus that is Tiger Woods part — you don’t get to reap all the rewards of being Mrs Tiger Woods without being in the public eye , ALL THE TIME — that’s just how it is — you want anonymity? Marry a Blockbuster clerk in St Petersburg, Fla — You want to live in a house the size of DFW? Marry the most famous person in the world…and don’t freak out when everyone wants to know everything about you: good, bad and otherwise.

For Tiger, all he’ll have to do is shoot a 62 in the Final Round of (Insert Major Tournament Here) and the galleries will be back — I strongly doubt he’ll ever be a coveted marketing icon again — but golf fans will still enjoy watching him play the game…assuming all of this doesn’t impact his focus and concentration. If he’s the same on the links, golf fans will quickly forgive and forget — but America as a whole will not.

I hope he returns to the game soon as I do enjoy watching him play — but no one deserves praise who can’t also be criticized.

So ask yourself this: Would you trade every-single shred of your own personal privacy for endless riches?? Would you?? Really?? Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

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