The Bachelor 2010 News: Vienna Girardi's Ex Busted For Trespassing… At Her Parents' House!

Tonight might be Vienna Girardi’s big night on The Bachelor but it appears it is not without incident.

Prosecutors in Florida’s Seminole County have told E! News that Vienna Girardi’s ex-boyfriend Brian Lee Smith was busted after he showed up uninvited at her parents house looking for her and then argued with officers.

Here’s what went down…

According to the police report, a 911 call came in around early morning on Oct. 10. When police arrived, they encounted Smith, tried to “get around” a deputy to get to the house.

“Smith willfully entered the premises of [Girardi’s] dwelling without invitation from the property owner…then refused to leave the property at Girardi’s request,” the report states.

Girardi’s repeatedly asked the 6-foot, 200-pound Smith to leave but he refused. He then tried “to charge the occupied dwelling and actively made aggressive attempts to get to the front door of the house.”

Credit: E! Online