Wolverine to Make Sushi Come January?

Roger Friedman’s Show Biz 411 has reported that Wolverine 2 will begin shooting in January 2011, and this time the backdrop will be Japan. While no cast or director have been linked to the film outside of the obviously returning Hugh Jackman, a script has reportedly been completed by Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie) with obvious high hopes of the rest falling into place once it’s given the go-ahead. The script is said to be based on the story arc done by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont, and will mix battles, mutants and martial arts with a love story that will make this film quite different than the first.

The Pulse: X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the movie that got me into comic books. It was mainly Deadpool that did this (the Ryan Reynold’s human version…not what happened at the end) but I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. While a lot of comic fans, and movie fans, flat out disliked the film, it obviously held its own at the box-office, and quite understandably was given the sequel treatment.

While not a huge Wolverine buff, I do know that he’s got a huge past, so an ongoing series, even leading into him joining the X-Men is entirely possible. I also know that fans were itching at seeing Wolverine during his time in Japan, and it looks like they’ll be getting their wish! With McQuarrie signed on, and his track record for solid films, one can likely take a small sigh of relief that it’s shaping up to at least look at Wolverine from a different angle than the first.

Just as the Mission: Impossible films have shown, there’s nothing wrong with different perspectives being taken on a single character – in fact, sometimes it helps. While I had a good time with the first film, I eagerly await seeing what they do with Japan as a setting. I’m not familiar with Miller and Claremont’s story, and I’ll likely end up waiting for the film regardless over trying to track it down, but tell me this: Is there anyone who isn’t looking forward to Wolverine Vs. Ninja or Samurai? We’ll keep an eye out for more news as it breaks, but even with what little we’ve heard now, you can sign me up already, bub.

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