JR Blogs: WWE/TNA Monday Night Wars, Blood In Wrestling, Brock Lesnar

Jim Ross checked in with a rather lengthy blog entry just in time for the weekend, where he touched upon a variety of wrestling and MMA-related issues.

on Monday Night Wars 2010:
The topic of Monday Night Wrestling. Lots of opinion on this matter and even more hype from some camps. As I have said, if this venture proves to be good for the fan base aka the consumers of the product then it will be a positive. One certainty is that this topic will be analyzed to death and will get wrestling internet coverage ala the network’s coverage of elections. Everyone better get ’em some before Monday Night Football kicks off this fall.

on Blood in wrestling:
Blood in wrestling. I don’t yearn for it as some emailers do. I feel that in the world that we live in from a medical standpoint and information perspective that the blood element in pro wrestling simply needs to be carefully monitored. It also depends on the target demo that a wrestling promotion is seeking. Kids and family viewing would be different than it would be for a company seeking primarily young males IE 18-34.

on Brock Lesnar:
Many MMA fans who visit this site ask a variety of MMA questions and many questions regarding Brock Lesnar. Brock is a perfect fit in MMA and his personality and demeanor are better suited for UFC than pro wrestling. There were likely several reasons that Brock wanted to leave the wrestling biz but none more prominent than the amount of travel that came with the job. I’ve always believed in the adage, “Do what you love and love what you do.” Brock Lesnar loves competing and being the best at whatever he’s doing so being able to actually fight a few times a year and earn big bucks isn’t a bad gig for a guy who simply wants to spend time with his family and hunt.

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