The Office – Episode 6-19 Review

“It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas.”

On tonight’s “St. Patrick’s Day”, Michael fears being replaced as Jo’s favorite. Meanwhile, Dwight makes Jim’s first day back from paternity leave very difficult.

Upon returning, Jim is forced to drag his desk back from Dwight after he has constructed “mega-desk”; Dwight’s ultimate (and addictive) combination of three desks. In an effort to scare Jim into spending more time with his baby, Dwight recounts his fatherless formative years.

“They say no man is an island. False. I am an island and this island is volcanic.”

Michael has been spending a lot of time with Jo during her time in Scranton, feeling as if she’s singling him out as a favorite. At a meeting, however, Darryl impresses Jo with an idea for scheduling separate days for shipping paper and printers. She offers Darryl an upstairs job in Jim’s old office on the spot. Michael, now threatened, imposes on Jo by inviting himself over (and announcing that he has scheduled a flight) to her home in Tallahassee, Jo snaps at him in front of the entire office to stop brown-nosing.

On the day of  her first date with Andy, Erin has an allergic reaction to Jo’s dogs and is sent home. Andy fakes sick as well, fearing that Erin may not like him the next time they get around to going on a date.

“I’m not surprised that Dwight’s using my baby to steal my desk…I’m a little surprised that it’s working.”

After Jo implies that her day rarely ends right at 5pm, Michael forces the office to stick around late in an attempt to win her back. Dwight tries to leave early by lying about a late night meeting with a client, but Jim (getting payback for Dwight’s mind games)  swipes the chance by calling Jo from his desk before Dwight can get to her.

Andy surprises Erin with a visit to her house, and is surprised to find that she lives with her foster brother who is exactly the same age as her. Despite the night going well, her brother gives off strange vibes for Andy. He at least scores a flirty kiss on a cheek at the end of their date.

At 8:30, Michael finally confronts Jo, telling her that he is happy with the work his employees have done and is releasing them for the day.The office leaves and reconvenes at Poor Richard’s to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

“I spent all day trying to make her like me, when I forgot to ask myself an important question: Do I even like her?”