WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 3/7/10

And we’re back for another week of Vintage Collection on our WrestleMania roadtrip.

Firstly we’re going back to WrestleMania IX to look at Doink the Clown vs. Crush. We come in and the match is already going, Doink climbs up high, goes to jump off and Crush lifts his foot to knock Doink down. Both men to get to standing and Doink smashes Crush’s face into the turnbuckle, gets a chop in and then climbs up to the middle rope. He goes for a cross body but Crush catches him and powerslams him down. Doink is then clotheslined over the top rope to the outside and tries to crawl under the ring. Crush catches him and rolls him back into the ring. Crush hits a military press and tries to lock him into a submission but he goes straight to the ropes. As the hold is broken, the ref is knocked down and Doink rolls out and tries to go under the ring again. Crush grabs him and rolls him back in again. A spinning heel kick and then back into a head crushing submission. Another Doink the Clown comes from behind and hits Crush in the back with a loaded prosthetic arm. One of the Doink’s holds Crush, while the other breaks the arm over Crush’s head. The two Doinks do some mime in the middle of the ring, one rolls out and then Doink gets the cover, the three count and the win.

We’re shown a brief clip from WrestleMania X with a match between Bret Hart and Owen Hart, where Owen gets the win.

We’re going back to WrestleMania X and our next match has a special guest referee, Mr Perfect, and the match is between Lex Luger and Yokozuna. It’s the match to see who will be facing Bret Hart later in the night for the WWE Championship. We come in as the men face off, and they meet in the middle, Luger gets the first punch, and the two men exchange punches. Luger is whipped off the ropes, ducks a clothesline and tries for one of his own. Which doesn’t knock Yokozuna down. But as Luger runs the ropes again, Yokozuna hits him with a clothesline that knocks him down. Yokozuna goes for an elbow drop but misses Luger. One punch sends Yokozuna reeling and he falls out of the ring. The men exchange blows outside the ring, and Yokozuna takes two slams into the steel steps. He’s rolled back into the ring, Luger goes up high and hits a cross body to a two count. Luger gets an elbow drop to another two count. Both men get to standing, but Yokozuna is able to get a punch and knocks Luger down before he chokes him out on the ropes. Luger comes off the ropes, Yokozuna misses with a roundhouse punch, and Luger goes for a bodyslam but Yokozuna uses his weight to push Luger to the mat for a two count. Yokozuna steps on Luger’s head, slams him into a turnbuckle, and he removes the turnbuckle pad. Luger tries to come back with a series of punches, but Yokozuna stops him and a chop knocks him down as we go to an ad break.

As we come back in, Luger is breaking out of a submission hold and starts running the ropes ending with Yokozuna getting him down with a slam. Yokozuna signals for a bonsai drop and takes Luger to the corner where he tries to slam his head into the exposed turnbuckle, but Luger reverses it and Yokozuna takes the hit. Luger tries to get in control with some punches and hits him with what commentary scream is a hip toss, and a flying forearm keeps Yokozuna down. Luger starts fighting with Yokozuna’s entourage, and goes for the cover. But Mr Perfect ignores it and tries to roll the other men out of the ring. Luger is getting mad and grabs Mr Perfect again, who calls for the bell. Perfect walks out of the arena as the ring announcement is made that Yokozuna has won due to disqualification.

We cut to backstage as Mr Perfect is being asked why he did what he did as we see Luger make his way backstage to scream and yell at Perfect.

The next clip in the WrestleMania road trip is from WrestleMania IX and it’s highlights from a match between Yokozuna and Bret Hart. Where Yokozuna wins because of outside interference.

This next match is from Wrestlemania IX and it’s between Shawn Michaels and Tatanka for the Intercontinental Championship. As we come in, Tatanka hits a suplex and gets a chop. He goes to slam Michaels in the corner and Michaels moves, Michaels climbs up high and as he comes down Tatanka reverses it into an arm drag. Michaels is thrown into the turnbuckles so hard that he turns upside down and is then punched to throw him out of the ring. On the outside Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri are distracting from the match. Michaels climbs up to the apron but Tatanka is able to chop him back down onto the ground twice. Michaels runs to the other side of the ring and the same thing happens. The fourth attempt and Michaels rakes Tatanka’s eyes and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. Michaels goes up high, hits a sunset flip to a two count. The action reverses a few times as both men are whipped into the ropes at different moments, but the running stops when Tatanka catches Michaels and hits an inverted atomic drop. Tatanka hits a chop and then runs the ropes hitting a DDT in the center of the ring. Tatanka starts in on Michaels shoulder as we go to an ad break.

As we come back in, Michaels is up on Tatanka’s shoulders as he hits a fallaway slam and both men are down. Tatanka gets his arm over and a two count. He gets to standing and goes to hit an elbow drop but Michaels moves and then goes up high to sledgehammer back down. Tatanka starts to dance around and Michaels performs the same move two more times. Michaels tries to go for a kick, but Tatanka starts delivering chops that knock Michaels down, and then hits a clothesline before climbing up high and coming down with a cross body to a two count. Michaels goes for something and Tatanka catches him and catapults him into the turnbuckle. A two count and Tatanka tries to get Michaels who reverses it and goes for a quick rollup which only gets him a two count. Michaels goes up high again and he goes for a cross body which Tatanka reverses into a powerslam but only to a two count. Michaels throws Tatanka to the outside and rolls out to hit a punch before going up to the apron and running to hit a dive but Tatanka moves and Michaels goes face first into the steel steps. Both men are able to get back into the ring, Michaels throws the ref out, and the action inside the ring ends with a slam to a cover that the ref ignores. The ref calls for the bell and Tatanka takes the win, but Michaels keeps the belt.

Starting off here we’re introduced to the special guest referee who is Rowdy Roddy Piper. We’re going into our main event match here at Wrestlemania X. Where Bret Hart has to take on Yokozuna and the match is for the WWE Championship. We start off seeing Hart walk down the entrance ramp, and the second he steps onto the apron Yokozuna starts unloading on him. Hart fights back but Yokozuna stays on top with kicks, punches and chops. A bodyslam sends Hart down, and as he gets to standing he’s able to get some back on Yokozuna as he hits a dropkick. A second dropkick and he misses. Yokozuna continues the kicks and chokes Hart out on the ropes. Yokozuna bites the face of Hart and Piper gets involved stopping it. Yokozuna goes to choke Hart out on the ropes again, and a headbutt knocks Hart down. Yokozuna goes for a splash but Hart moves. We get to a 7 count with both men down, and this is where Hart starts to fight back with punches and a headbutt. Yokozuna falls backwards as Hart still sells the effects of the headbutt he gave Yokozuna. Hart is able to slam Yokozuna’s face into the mat. Both men get to standing, Hart gets a few kicks and punches before Yokozuna fights back. Hart keeps coming back with punches and eventually gets Yokozuna down onto the mat to a two count as Piper is dragged out of the ring. Back in the ring, both men are down but Yokozuna is the first one up and rakes the eyes of Hart as we go to an ad break.

As we come back in, Hart is down in the corner and Yokozuna is working on him with kicks and a chop. Irish whip sends Hart into the other corner and Yokozuna goes to slam himself into the corner when Hart moves. Hart is able to climb up and a bulldog knocks Yokozuna down to the mat to a two count. Hart gets to standing and goes to the middle rope to drop a forearm for another two count. Yokozuna gets to standing but Hart is able to get him down again with a clothesline to another two count. We get to a four count and Hart is the first one to standing. He goes up to the middle rope, but Yokozuna catches him and reverses the momentum into a belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna motions for a bonsai drop and drags Hart to the corner. Yokozuna climbs up and loses his balance and falls backwards. Hart is able to roll over and onto him to get the three count and the win. The new WWE Champion, Bret Hart.

We see Piper run to the back, with Yokozuna running after him. And inside the ring, Lex Luger comes up behind Hart as all goes silent, and he shakes his hand, Piper comes back out and both Piper and Luger raise the hands of Hart. And then other superstars start to come out to congratulate Bret Hart.

That’s all she wrote for this week, and we’ll be back next week with more Vintage WrestleMania action.

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