10 Thoughts On TNA Impact – 3/8/10

Okay, coming into this I have to say that it’s interesting that TNA are competing with WWE by moving to Monday nights. But only for people in the US apparently. TNA is still airing in Australia on the following Saturday night. I could go on, but it’s unfortunate that their fans elsewhere in the world seem to be losing out on seeing Impact while people are still talking about it. Maybe eventually they’ll remedy this, but for now, looks like my 10 thoughts will be coming to you rather late in scheme of things.

And I won’t go on about it, so we’ll get into the reason I actually am here for, the 10 thoughts on TNA Impact.

10. Saying “Hogan never expected to return to the ring” was a little white lie I’m assuming. Because everyone watching knows that is not a true statement.

9. Not all that fond of TNA turning Sting heel. It’s nice to see him back, and if this is his last run I do hope they give him a good send off.

8. Not sure how I feel about them bringing in Shannon Moore. I’m hoping it’ll shake up the X-division. And maybe remind TNA that they actually HAVE an amazing division of wrestlers there just waiting for a chance. Use them.

7. Nice outing from the Knockouts as per usual. Bit short, but that seems to be the way of things these days. They have so many talented women in there. More air-time for their matches would be great. The KO’s are one of the few things they have a one up on WWE with.

6. Hopefully once RVD recovers from the “injuries” he suffered at the hands of Sting maybe we’ll actually get to see him wrestle a full match. That’d be nice TNA. A full match thanks, not a short 2 second appearance.

5. I have to give them credit, letting EY and Waltman go at each other wasn’t the worst thing in this program. Which was actually a complete and utter shock to me.

4. The buildup on this Anderson / Angle feud has been great. It’s the sort of thing they need to look at, realize how they’ve done it, and replicate it’s success in the future.

3. This Bischoff / Jarrett thing that has been going on, it’s already getting old. TNA need to cut their losses with this one and move on. We get it, Bischoff is in control and can make any wrestler destroy any other wrestler. Great, point made. Now quit with this storyline.

2. I don’t really want to make any comments on the Hogan / Flair outing. I will say though, yes, you are in the company who have not gone to a PG rating. Yes, you can have blood in your programs. But why on earth do Hogan and Flair bleed all the damm time? It feels excessive at this stage.

1. Jeff Hardy showing up was great, it was nice that they sent him out in the spot he deserves. Main event star. It wasn’t great that they cut the broadcast off before the Swanton, but I know it made me look forward to the next episode to see if we’ll actually get to SEE a Swanton Bomb.

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