Bret Hart News: Continuing Past WWE Wrestlemania 26, Shawn Michaels DVD Comments

After originally signing a short contract that ended soon after Wrestlemania 26, it now appears that Bret Hart will be continuing to work with WWE into the Spring. Hartis booked to be part of the Smackdown tour in the European show, with him being announced as a special enforcer for Edge vs. Chris Jericho matches.

On the new Shawn Michaels DVD, Bret Hart comes up in the commentary, and Michaels puts over Hart in a big way. HBK says that both tried to work past their conflicts, saying there was paranoia on his part and that they both believed the office kept them at odds because the office thought it was the best thing for business. Interestingly, this was filmed before Hart’s return to WWE, and mentioned that he wanted to call and bury the hatchet.

Wrestling Observer

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