Full Report Of Hulk Hogan Fu Manchu Contest

Huge thanks to Inside Pulse reader Brian Gilmore for sending along pictures and more pictures of the Hulk Hogan Fu Manchu contest, and now sends this report:

Whatcha Gonna Do, Brother, when the two biggest Fu-Manchu’s, The Arch and Hulk Hogan, run wild in St, Louis?

The wrestling Icon from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, Hulk Hogan, held the inaugural Hogan Fu-Fest on Friday, Feb. 26, 2010, at Shannon’s Steaks & Seafood downtown St. Louis. Doc’s Harley Davidson of St. Louis sponsored the event and brought in an autograph-covered motorcycle for Hogan to sign. The Fu-Fest event tried to set a world record for most Fu-Manchu’s in one location at one time. TNA Wrestling has forwarded documentation from Hogan Fu-Fest to officials overseas at the worldwide headquarters of Guinness World Records to verify the event as the new record for largest gathering of mustached people. “The Power of The Fu is unstoppable,” Hogan said. ”The Gateway Arch was fu-turistic when it was built. Today it embodies the spirit of Hulkamaniacs worldwide.”

As a wrestling fan for over 15 years, this was the craziest thing I had ever been a part of. There were more than 400 people that attended the record-setting afternoon extravaganza. As soon as you came in the door there was a table set up to get a free fake Fu, if you needed one. Guys with a real Fu-Manchu got moved to the front of the line to be counted for the record first. Then, the ladies and kids that were sporting fake Fu’s were counted. There were real and fake Fu-Manchu’s as far as the eye could see. There were some great Fu’s in the contest. One guy had a Fu shaved into his back hair. It was awful to see but you just could not turn away. He made it to the final ten contestants. David Crosby, 31, who works at a Snap Fitness gym in the wrestling-rich Minneapolis suburb of Robbinsdale, got a ticket for a Greyhound bus late Thursday night for the 14-hour journey to St. Louis. A long-time Hulk Hogan fan, he didn’t think twice about spending $190 on the bus ticket for a chance to see the wrestling icon in person and compete at Fu-Fest 2010. David didn’t just compete – he won the grand prize, ringside seats to Lockdown 2010 on April 18 at the Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo. TNA Wrestling personalities Jimmy Hart and Jeremy Borash warmed up the crowd before Hogan came out to judge the contest. The room was filled with “TNA” and “Hogan” chants until he arrived. In my opinion Fu-fest 2010 was a success, and I hope we did set the record for the most Fu-Manchu’s in one location at one time.

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