The Office – Episode 6-20 Review

On tonight’s “New Leads”, Sabre’s “sales is king” policy get to the salespeoples’ heads and Michael decides to hide their new, prized leads.

The sales staff eagerly awaits new sales lead information to come in from corporate. Sabre has been spoiling its sales team by giving them free bluetooth headsets and other merchandise, making them arrogant and disrespectful of the rest of the office. Darryl confronts Michael about the sales department being out of control, telling him that they are responsible for Michael’s squished sandwich in the refrigerator. When the leads finally come in, Michael decides to withhold the information until they decide to change their attitudes.

Gabe implores Michael to give out the expensive leads, telling him that he does indeed have power; that is, “the power to support the sales staff”. Michael, now even more agitated, decides to hand out the leads to everyone who is not a sales person instead. When Jim politely requests his leads, he instead gets a stack of clues from Michael which indicate where in the business park he has hidden the leads.

Jim calls Pam, getting some help with his clues while Angela forces clerical work onto Phyllis for hers. Dwight’s own search for his share of the leads lands him in an empty dumpster, with Michael realizing that he put the information in the trash on the wrong day of the week.

Michael proposes that they all go to the dump and start digging. When everyone declines the trip, Dwight agrees to go because Michael “will just screw it up”. Michael and Dwight have an aggressive trash fight at the dump while Jim tries to ease the tensions between the salespeople and the rest of the office. Jim suggests that they bribe everyone back into liking them. While the salespeople were prepared to offer 2% of their commission, Oscar starts thanking them prematurely for the spread of pastries in the conference room…much to the relief of the sales team.

Michael and Dwight’s fight ends with Michael dropping a sink full of water on his lap. They sit and marvel at the thought of a flower blooming in the middle of the dump and return to the office with a new beanbag.

The episode ends with Erin and Andy at the dump, looking for the leads and sharing their first kiss.