Miguel Torres vs. Chad Ochocinco On Twitter: Torres Represents MMA, Wins Round 1

Sometimes it would seem that mixed martial arts is a lot like the new kid at school.  At first glance, the new kid brings only his family to town with him, the dedicated few who have been a part of his life as long as he has known.

Over time, it would seem the new kid would pick up a few friends along the way, once they got to know him. Yet for as many friends or new acquaintances the new kid can muster, it seems there are always the bullies.

Take it from a guy who moved around the country like a damn gypsy as a young man. No matter how cool of a cat you are, there is always a bully looking to make an example out of you.

It hardens the new kid, and many times exposes the bully for what he truly is, an ignorant attention-starved infant in a body that allows them to force their game on less fortunate kids.

See MMA is a target for so many people, and they see the trend developing within and surrounding the sport.

Whether we are talking about an athlete who crosses over to try their hand, or just someone using the unstoppable momentum of MMA to boost their own exposure by dropping in their two cents on the sport, or in many cases talking it down as less than world class.

One of the most entertaining aspects to MMA’s Johnny-come-lately types is the individual who offers less credit than the sport deserves.  The individual who knocks it but also overlooks its true value or even the skill level necessary to participate in it.

Many are smart enough to identify and acknowledge the finer points of MMA.  The simpler folk, the arrogant folk, the ignorant attention-starved infants, don’t see anything but their reflection in the mirror.

It is with that in mind that it was quite a treat to wake up Sunday morning and read the heated Twitter exchange between one of MMA’s most respected veterans and one of football’s most talked about players.

The NFL’s “Ochocinco” apparently called out The WEC’s former Bantamweight Champ, Miguel Torres.

The status of those two athletes in their respective sports is all the proof necessary to know how ludicrous this exchange was.  Miguel Torres is a highly respected former champion who is rarely flamboyant, or abrasive.

And Mr. 85, sorry what is this guy’s name anyway (Chad Johnson-ED.) , he is just a perennial headline and always in the middle of something.

Anyway, Cage Pages reported a volley that included 12 shots fired over each other’s bows if you will. And let me tell you, Torres may be very respectful and respectable, but his trash talk game is top shelf, people.  Apparently, this is how it all went down.

Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA would you be upset if i beat your ass and you are a professional fighter #justasking cause i will
Torres: @OGOchoCinco, listen son, this aint dancing wit the stars. Whenever you want to get your ankles broke, hit me up. Talk is cheap, whenever u want I will make you kiss the baby. You think your a Bengal, come earn ur stripes.
Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA you want me to fly to you and beat you up? that will cost you a double ass whooping!!!!
Torres: @OGochocinco have you ever kissed your own ass, cause I can make that happen. This shit aint tae bo. Child please.
Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA i might be dancing with the stars but you gonna see stars you keep talking this crap!!!!
Torres: http://twitpic.com/19p4pl – I’ll show you how to do the stanky leg son @ogochocinco
Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA its on son!!!!
Torres: It aint on yet @OGochocinco I’m a Mexi”can” your the Mexi”can’t”. I aint changing my last name for nobody.
Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA well this mexican’t lose to you
Torres: @ogochocinco won’t be kissing babies, he’ll be eating knuckles. You’ll be eating my fist as well as you catch a football.
Ochocinco: @MiguelTorresMMA i will deal with you tomorrow, going to bed, got a flight in 5 hours
Torres: @OGochoCinco nite baby, I already put u to sleep and we aint even fought yet. Round 1, 10-9 @MiguelTorresMMA

Now I don’t know about you fight fans, but damn I wish this could come to fruition.  As an MMA fan it pains me to hear so many discredit the sport, or disregard the talent of those who truly make it up.

While Number 85 is undeniably a great football player, and a highly tuned athlete, he doesn’t have the first clue about this sport, and to assume he would walk through a former champ is just silly.  Even if Torres would be giving up almost 70 pounds.

Remember the early David vs. Goliath cards the UFC used to put on?  Well 85 isn’t a fighter, and Torres is, so one could imagine it might play out in the mixed martial artist’s favor if competing against a man who doesn’t fight for a living.

Now realistically of course this would never happen.  The stretch is just too thin.  But to hear the two banter back and forth, I am automatically put in the mode of wondering how it would all go down.

Or maybe if we could get a more suitable opponent to step up for number 85 to try his hand against.

Does anyone have Houston Alexander’s number?

Perhaps a light heavyweight could further explain the finer points to the Cincinnati Bengal, so he could move on with his life with the very direct knowledge that football is his forte, not fighting.  Oh and of course trash talking is a strength of his; how could we forget?

In the end, 85 may not appreciate or respect Miguel Torres, or the sport of MMA, but the fact of the matter is he doesn’t have to.  His career in football, and his aspirations to dance with the stars are more than enough to keep him in the spotlight.

But as Miguel so eloquently put it, if he does want to earn his stripes, MMA will be waiting to tattoo his ass whenever he thinks he is truly man enough.

Way to represent MMA, Torres, thanks for getting the sport’s back, we all owe you, sir.

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