IPTV Monday: Gossip Girl, 24 , Dancing With The Stars Previews

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What to read on IPTV Today
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What to watch tonight?
What should be on your nighttime TV radar – for good OR bad reasons.

Dancing With The Stars (ABC) 8 p.m.
The new season begins!

Is this Dancing With The Stars or Dancing With The Former Reality Stars? I am rooting for Shannen Doherty and I can’t wait for all the comparisons between Chelsie Hightower and Vienna Girardi to start. Don’t forget Kate Gosselin!

Gossip Girl (The CW) 9 p.m.
Despite being grounded, Jenny continues to see Damien (guest star Kevin Zeggers) who tells Jenny that he wants to have sex with her; Lily tells Rufus the big secret she has been keeping from him even though she knows it’s a huge risk.

Jenny is the star of this show and it is great to see her finally get a juicier storyline to work with. I like Blair and Chuck, but the mother storyline is a waste.

24 (FOX) 9 p.m.
As the imminent terror threat nears and CTU copes with the day’s explosive events, the onerous NSA intervenes. Conditions at CTU remain tenuous and field operatives find intense action when Jack Bauer leads them on a risky mission.

Cancel it already.

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