UFC 111 News: NY Post Story On New York MMA Ban, Frank Mir Comments

The state of New York continues to maintain a state-wide ban on MMA, which has prevented UFC from running cards in New York City or anywhere else in the state. New York remains one of just four that doesn’t sanction MMA — along with West Virginia, Connecticut and Vermont

On the heels of UFC 111, which comes from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, The New York Post has posted a story on the business lost by NY:

Somewhere along the way, the UFC will mention the estimated $12 million in economic activity a UFC event at Madison Square Garden could generate along with $400,000 in tax revenue for the city and $555,000 for the cash-strapped state. All that money will be pocketed by New Jersey this week.

Frank Mir commented:
I don’t think it’s a coincidence [UFC 111] is taking place 15-20 minutes away from Manhattan… A lot of people who might be on the fence about the sport can see how it could help out the economy in New York. And if there’s a stigma about fans that go to an MMA event being rowdy or always drunk or not being real fight fans, the best way to dispel those myths is to have an event right there.

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