One Year in Knoxville – March 21, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show, once again with Dutch Mantell beside him. Caudle told us that today we’d be seeing Rock N Roll Robert Gibson, Hollywood Bob Holly, we’d see our first glimpse of Jim Cornette’s new team, and the tag team tournament would start with the Riches facing the Maulers. We also had a six man coming where Jimmy Golden and the Koloffs would face the Fantastics and a mystery partner.

With that we headed to the ring where Golden Boy Joe Cazana was waiting. The crowd went wild as his opponent, Robert Gibson, made his way down the aisle.

The two locked up and Gibson backed Cazana into a corner to prompt a break. Gibson got a headlock and was whipped across the ring by Cazana. Gibson put him down with a shoulder block. Cazana returned the favor and got hip tossed by Gibson. Gibson started working on the arm as the crowd started chanting for him.

Cazana backed Gibson into the ropes and Gibson whipped Cazana, hit an arm drag, and went back to the armbar. Gibson cranked away on Cazana’s arm and escaped when Cazana tried to reverse the hold.

Cazana backed Gibson into the corner and raked his eyes, then punched him. Cazana choked Gibson over the ropes and kicked Gibson in the gut. Cazana snapmared Gibson down and locked in a chinlock. Gibson fought back to his feet and arm dragged Cazana, only for Cazana to regain the advantage with a punch.

Cazana telegraphed a backdrop and Gibson rolled him up for a two count. Cazana slammed Gibson and headed up top. Gibson dodged an elbow drop and pulled Cazana up. Gibson back dropped Cazana and caught a charging Cazana with a back elbow, following up with a knee lift. Gibson hit a bulldog and covered for the win.

We came back from commercial to see Bob Armstrong introducing the tag team tournament. Armstrong revealed the brackets for the tournament:

Group 1 found the Maulers (Rip Morgan and Jack Victory) facing Johnny and Davey Rich.

Group 2 was the Fantastics opening against the Wild Bunch (Joel Deaton and Billy Black).

Group 3 opened with the Koloffs facing Danny Davis and Jumping Joey Maggs.

Group 4 saw Cornette’s mystery team facing Bart and Brad Batten.

Armstrong went on to talk about how he was still trying to discover who Cornette’s team was.

We then went to a video of the Wild Bunch set to “Born to Be Wild.” The video contained footage of the Wild Bunch competing in Japan.

We returned to the ring to find Keith Hart (not Bret’s brother) set to face Hector Guerrero. The two shook hands and locked up. Guerrero got a headlock and was whipped across the ring. Hector put Hart down with a back elbow and then the two started crisscrossing the ring. Hart took Guerrero down with a dropkick and Guerrero returned the favor with a head scissors.

The two shook hands again and locked up again. Hector and Hart were trading hammerlocks until Hector took Hart down with a leg sweep. The two started trading full nelsons with Hart getting the advantage until Guerrero took Hart down and started stretching him. The two traded pinfall attempts until Hector kicked Hart across the ring.

Caudle asked about Carl Styles’s whereabouts as Hart got a headlock. Hart took Hector down with a shoulder block as Mantell admitted that Bob Armstrong had banned Styles from the commentary area. Hart took Hector down with a shoulder block and followed with a front face lock as Mantell promised that Styles would return. Hector suplexed Hart for a two and the two traded arm wringers with Hart gaining the advantage. Hector took Hart down with a head scissors as Hart found himself fighting out of a pinning predicament.

Hector whipped Hart and back dropped him only for Hart to land on his feet. Hart whipped Hector and Hector landed on his feet as well. Hart went for a press and fell through the ropes. Hector nailed a suicide dive and Hart gained the advantage when Hector came back in. Hart got a midsection full of knee when he tried a moonsault and Hector locked in his Jalapeno Roll as Mantell called in. Hector pinned Hart and got the win. After the match, Hector took a moment to congratulate Hart on a good match.

After a commercial, Caudle was joined by Jim Cornette. Cornette played the tape of his new team as he warned there had been a problem. We saw Cornette with Phil Rainey in the back of a limo. Cornette promised to introduce the greatest tag team in the universe as they headed to the team’s secret training location.

Cornette pointed out the window to reveal that the limo was pulling into Hooters. Cornette said that he’d rented the entire restaurant out so they could talk. Hooter girls ran past the camera saying that “they” were there. Cornette and Rainey entered the dining room to reveal the girls mobbing a corner booth.

Cornette claimed that it had been so long since the women of the area had seen a real man, their hormones went berserk when they saw a real team. He added that he had another location picked out and they try the introduction again next week.

We returned to the ring to find Paul Miller waiting as David Bowie’s “Fame” ushered Bob Holly out.

Holly waved off a handshake and the two locked up. Miller got a waistlock and Holly threw him. Another lockup saw Holly start working Miller’s arm. Miller took Holly down with a shoulder block and followed with a cross body and an arm drag.

Holly kicked Miller in the stomach and hit an elbow to the back of his neck. Holly then turned Miller inside out with a hard clothesline. Holly stomped Miller and slammed him for a one count.

Holly sent Miller head-first into the turnbuckle and elbowed the back of Miller’s head. Holly stomped Miller and pulled him up for a superkick. Holly dropped an elbow and sent Miller into the corner. Miller caught Holly charging in with a knee and followed up with a clothesline. Miller punched away and nailed a dropkick. Miller got a two and Holly hit a swinging neck breaker went Miller went for a backdrop.

Holly climbed to the top and hit the Star Drop for the three count.

We then went to an interview where Caudle was with the Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright. Wright mentioned that he was disappointed in the lack of support that the local fans were giving him. Dirty White Boy said that it made him sick to see the condition that poor Ron Wright was in. DWB then went on to promise that he be winning the upcoming heavyweight title tournament and Wright would be out of his chair.

We came back to hear Caudle run down the tale of the tape between the Maulers and the Rich Cousins.

The Maulers were waiting in the ring already. The Rich Cousins made their way down the aisle to “2 Legit To Quit.”

Jack Victory started against Davey as Mantell revealed that Victory and Morgan had previously been known as the Royal Family (until the Queen disowned them). The two locked up and Haskins locked Victory in a headlock. Victory whipped Davey, who flattened Victory with a cross body for a one count.

The two locked up again as Mantell checked on Brian Lee’s whereabouts. Victory wound up in another headlock and Johnny tagged in. The Riches hit double dropkicks on both Maulers before running Victory out of the ring.

Morgan tagged in and the Riches gained control when he missed an elbow drop. Davey came in and we had some double-teaming. Davey locked an arm wringer on Morgan. Morgan reversed and brought Victory in.

Victory started working the arm of Davey. Victory missed a clothesline but Morgan didn’t miss a knee to Davey’s back. Victory hit a clothesline and brought Morgan in. Morgan kicked Davey in the corner and brought Victory in. Morgan whipped Davey into a Victory clothesline. Johnny came in to help and Morgan slipped in for a quick cheap shot.

Morgan stayed in and sent Davey’s head into Victory’s boot. Victory tagged back in and started slugging Davey down. Victory whipped Davey across the ring and charged into a boot. Both men started for their corners and Morgan tagged in shortly before Johnny.

Johnny was a house of fire and started fighting both Maulers off. Davey got back in and the Riches whipped the Maulers into each other. Davey locked a sleeper in on Victory as Johnny argues with the ref. Morgan pulled off a boot and blasted Davey, then Victory fell on top of him for the win.

We came back to hear from the Fantastics. Bobby promised Caudle that they had a surprise partner and brought out Tommy Rogers. Rogers promised that they were going to get their revenge tonight.

The three Fantastics entered the ring as Golden told Caudle that the Koloffs were unable to be there because both of their wives were having babies. Golden tried to call off the match and Rogers brought him to the ring.

Rogers and Golden started swinging and the Wild Bunch jumped the Fantastics. All six men soon wound up in the ring for a brawl. Finally the Fantastics disposed of the Wild Bunch as Rogers slugged Golden in the corner. Jackie and Rogers dropkicked Golden out of the ring and Bobby threw him back in. The Fultons stared down the Wild Bunch as Rogers took Golden down in a headlock.

Rogers punched both members of the Wild Bunch and went after Golden, who dropped to the floor. Golden returned to the ring and Rogers tagged Bobby for a quick double team. Bobby went for a figure four and Golden sent him into the Bunch’s corner.

Golden and Bobby locked up and Golden pulled Bobby down twice before tagging Deaton in. Deaton took Bobby down and dropped an elbow for a two count. Bobby dodged a clothesline and slammed Deaton down. Jackie tagged in and started working Deaton’s leg. Jackie sent Deaton into the ropes and put him down with a DDT. Jackie covered and Black came in for the save.

Deaton hit a back suplex and tagged Black in. Black stomped Jackie’s head and Bobby tried to come in. Jackie went for a hammerlock and Black raked his eyes before pitching him through the ropes. Jackie raced back into the ring, kicked Black and clotheslined him over the top rope to the floor. Bobby followed and hit a dropkick. Jackie then came over the top rope onto Black.

Jackie rolled Black in and covered for a two count. Bobby tagged in and Deaton stopped him with a clothesline. Golden tagged in and slammed Bobby, then sent him into Deaton’s knee.

Deaton came in and kicked Bobby while Golden held him. Bobby took Deaton down with a head scissors and Golden grabbed his hair to give Deaton some free shots. Golden came in and Bobby flipped over Golden to prompt all six men to come in.

Golden and Deaton suplexed Bobby as Black threw Jackie out. Golden picked Bobby up for a slam and Rogers dropkicked his partner on top of Golden for the win.

After the match the Wild Bunch and Golden attacked the three Fantastics. Golden focused on Jackie while Black hit a moonsault onto Bobby and Deaton punched Rogers off the apron. Rogers returned to the ring and tried to fight back. Tim Horner hit the ring to even the odds and the Wild Bunch and Golden returned to the back.

We came back to the arena to hear Bob Armstrong fine the Koloffs five hundred dollars for bailing on the match. He also ruled that the Koloffs would not compete in the tournament until they paid up. Caudle told us our main event next week would be the Fantastics vs. the Wild Bunch and said goodbye for another week.

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