WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 4/4/2010

Alright. We’re back with another week of Vintage Collection. Have to apologize for these being rather un-regular at the moment. Life is getting in the way of wrestling. But I’m going to try and work things out so I can at least set aside enough time each week to do this recap.

Okay, coming straight in we’re looking at when Rick Martel broke up his tag team with Tito Santana. Which leads us straight into the first match between Rick Martel and Tito Santana in 1989. Martel starts off by slamming Santana’s leg into the ring post, and he continues to work on the leg, smashing it in different ways. Each time Santana tries to get up, he is stopped by Martel who starts to tear off the bandage on his leg. Santana gets to standing and is just beaten down until he is able to get his own back with a series of punches, and a clothesline knocks Martel down. They back into the corner and Santana keeps up with the punches. But Martel is able to get the pin here by using the ring ropes to hold Santana down. The winner, the Model, Rick Martel.

We’re having a brief look at a match between Shawn Michaels and Diesel at WMXI, Michaels gets him down but there is no ref. We cut to where Diesel gets the win in the end. And we go back to Raw after WM where Michaels talks about wanting his rematch and also about how he doesn’t need a bodyguard in Sycho Sid during the rematch. Sid takes Michaels down with a powerbomb, which leads into our next match.

Our next match comes from Sept 11, 1995 and is between Michaels and Sycho Sid for the Intercontinental title. The two men lock up and Michaels get the quick upper hand here where he goes for a sunset flip in which Michaels isn’t able to get Sid over. He takes him down with a dropkick and a flying clothesline. Michaels punches Sid and it knocks him to the outside. Sid talks with Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase outside the ring and eventually makes his way back in. They lock up again and Michaels goes into a headlock before going for a shoulder block which doesn’t knock Sid down. Sid manages to use the momentum of Michaels running to send him over the ropes, but Michaels skins the cat and flies back in hitting a kick which knocks Sid to the outside. They lock up again and Sid gets the headlock this time. Michaels is able to break it and runs Sid to the ropes, goes to jump on him but Sid reverses it and powerbombs Michaels down again. Sid pushes to the corner and knocks Michaels down. He’s whipped to the opposite corner, lands over the top ropes, gets to standing on the apron where Sid kicks him to knock him off the apron. Sid goes to the outside, press slams him down and gets back inside the ring. We cut to the outside where Ted DiBiase is kicking Michaels and we go to an ad break.

Coming back in, Sid has Michaels in a bear hug as Michaels breaks it. He ends up running into a kick, they go down with a hip toss, Michaels gets back with headscissors but Sid knocks him down with a chokeslam. Sid takes his time and showboats to the crowd before he sets Michaels up for a powerbomb, but Michaels reverses it and sends Sid over with a back body drop. Michaels comes back here blocking punches and giving punches. A flying clothesline knocks Sid down and Michaels goes up high to hit a cross body to a two count. Sid tries to get back in this but is hit by two separate sweet chin music’s which lead to the three count and the win for Shawn Michaels.

We’re having a look here at a match between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at WM13 with Ken Shamrock as the ref. Shamrock raises Hart’s hand, and we cut to Shamrock taking Hart down with a waistlock takedown. Our next match is from Oct 27, 1997 and is between Bret Hart and Ken Shamrock. From the lockup, the two men reverse a hammerlock until Shamrock gets Hart down with a snapmare to a two count. Shamrock gets Hart down into a headlock, Hart is eventually able to get back to standing, and the two men roll as Shamrock goes for an ankle lock. He starts to work on Hart’s ankle. It’s broken up and the two men get to standing to lockup again. Hart gets the quick advantage with a series of punches, but Shamrock turns it around and sends Hart into the corner with a series of punches of his own. Hart gets the quick advantage by kicking Shamrock’s knee, and then drags him to the corner, smashes his knee into the post, and then locks in a figure four around the ring post which he breaks at a 5 count. We go to an ad break.

Coming back in, Hart has the advantage as he’s still working on Shamrock’s knee. As Shamrock gets to standing, Hart hits a DDT to a two count, and then goes back to the knee. The action cuts here and we see that Hart is still working the knee, pulling him to the corner again, but as he goes to pull on Shamrocks legs, he pulls them in and Hart goes headfirst into the ring post. Shamrock rolls out and starts in on Hart, smashing him into the railing, and then into the steel steps. Shamrock continues to unload on Hart as the ref breaks them up. Hart rolls back into the ring with a steel chair. Shamrock rolls back in and stands on the chair before hitting Hart with a punch to knock him down. He sends Hart running into the ropes, and hits a hurricanrana from standing. Hart gets to standing again and he tries to hit a side Russian legsweep, but it’s reversed and Shamrock hits a suplex to a two count. Hart crawls to the corner, and a reversal sends Shamrock to the other corner before he knocks him down with a clothesline. Hart goes for a sharpshooter, but it’s reversed into an ankle lock, but in the reversal the ref has been knocked down. Hart taps, but there is no ref. Shamrock breaks the hold, goes to check on the ref, and Hart hits him from behind with the chair. Hart is able to get Shamrock into the sharpshooter, but Shawn Michaels runs out to interfere and hits Hart with sweet chin music before he starts to unload on Hart. Shamrock comes back to life here and hits Michaels with a suplex before unloading on him. The ring fills with people checking on Bret Hart and on Shawn Michaels. Which brings us to the end of the match, the belt stays with Bret Hart.

We go to footage from WMIV where Macho Man Randy Savage wins the title belt from the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, which leads into our main event match between Randy Savage and Ted DiBiase at Wrestlefest 1988. We go straight into the action and DiBiase rolls Savage back into the ring and hits him with a series of punches before smashing his head into the turnbuckle. He sends Savage running and then hits him with an elbow. The action goes back into the corner, and Savage is sent to run the ropes again, he ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. DiBiase is thrown into the turnbuckle and knocked down before he’s thrown outside the ring. We see Virgil checking on DiBiase. DiBiase stands up on the apron and is knocked back down with a punch. He rolls back in, and Savage hits him with an atomic drop which throws DiBiase to the outside again. Savage stays in the ring, and Virgil helps DiBiase back to standing. DiBiase takes his time getting back into the ring, and gets on top straight away. He goes for a sunset flip but Savage is able to stop it, and he then knocks him down with a clothesline. DiBiase grabs Savage’s tights and throws him to the outside of the ring. DiBiase follows him out and smashes his head into a table. DiBiase gets back into the ring and showboats up on the second rope. Savage rolls back in, and DiBiase stays on top. After a clothesline Savage starts to get back on top but it doesn’t last long. A boot to the face knocks Savage down, and DiBiase works on him with more punches. DiBiase goes up to the second rope and hits him with an elbow. A two count, and DiBiase goes for a backbreaker as we go to an ad break.

Back into the action, DiBiase tries to go for a figure four but Savage is able to kick his leg to send DiBiase flying into the corner. DiBiase tries the hold again, but the kick this time sends DiBiase to the outside. He goes up high, but as he comes down Savage catches him with a punch. The two men exchange blows, and DiBiase’s head is smashed into the turnbuckle 10 times. Savage gets a two count and both men get to standing. Savage is able to snap DiBiase’s neck over the tope rope, and Savage goes up high but is distracted by Virgil who gets involved by grabbing Savage. DiBiase goes to hit a knee, but Savage moves and he hits Virgil. Savage rolls him backwards for a two count, and he runs DiBiase into the ropes but he is able to hit a punch and uses the power to try and get into the million dollar dream. DiBiase ends up choking Savage out on the bottom rope, and as he breaks the hold he turns and the ref turns, Virgil uses the chance to hit Savage with a chair. But it still only leads to a two count. DiBiase keeps hitting him and as DiBiase goes to hit a move, Savage reverses and rolls him up into a small package for the three count and the win. Winner here, Macho Man Randy Savage. But DiBiase and Virgil unload on Savage and Virgil puts the belt around DiBiase’s waist. Savage comes back in and is handed the belt by the ref.

That’s all she wrote for this week, and we should be back next week with another recap.

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