The Write Off: WWF Superstars – July 22, 1995

WWF Superstars

-Our hosts are Vince McMahon and “Handsome” Doc Hendrix

The Blu Brothers (w/Uncle Zebekiah) vs. The 1-2-3 Kid & Savio Vega:

Has there ever been a tag team that went through as many gimmick changes as the Blu Brothers? Vega and Jacob Blu start (I’m just guessing because you can’t tell one from the other…it’s part of their gimmick in case you didn’t know) and Vega works in a headlock. Vega gets a flying body press off the ropes for one and delivers a dropkick. The Kid is tagged in and works over Jacob’s arm and slides out of the ring to nail Uncle Zebekiah. Well that was a uncalled for. Back in, the Blu Brothers use their power to get the advantage and Eli comes in and rams the Kid into the corner powerslam-style and lays some kicks in as the Kid is hanging in a Tree of Woe. Eli whips the Kid into the corner with authority but a blind charge eats buckle and tag Vega who gets a spinning heel kick off the ropes for two before Jacob interrupts the count. While Vega is worried about Jacob, Eli recovers and blasts him with a big boot that sends Vega to the floor. Back in, Eli hits a backdrop for two. Eli hits an elbow drop and tags in Jacob who pounds on Vega and locks in a chinlock. Vega elbows out but Eli kicks him in the back when he runs the ropes. Tag Eli and he knocks the Kid off the apron to prevent the tag and hits Vega with a suplex for two before the Kid interrupts the count. As the referee makes the Kid go back to his corner the Blu Brothers double team Vega unmercifully and we head to a commercial break.

We return to see Eli beating on Vega some more and stopping his comeback with a lariat. Tag Jacob and he hits a slam. However, when he goes to the second rope Vega dropkicks him and sends him to the arena floor. However, Eli comes in to keep him from making the tag and while he restrains Vega Jacob recovers on the floor and dives off the top rope with a flying clothesline. Unfortunately, Vega moves out of the way, Eli takes the blow, and Vega makes the momentum swinging tag to the Kid. The Kid comes in like a house of fire against the Blu Brothers and unloads on Eli in the corner. However, Jacob hits him from behind and the Blu Brothers attempt a double backdrop but Jacob puts his head down too early on a whip and the Kid gets a sunset flip for two. Savio ties up with Eli in the corner as the 1-2-3 Kid hits a spinning heel kick off the ropes and covers but the referee is tied up in the Savio-Eli skirmish. This allows Uncle Zebekiah to come into the ring and knee drop the Kid from the second rope and Jacob covers for the win at 6:58 shown. Arguably the best Blu Brothers tag team match you are going to see. **½

-Live Event News with Stan Lane who finally provides us with a replacement for Stephanie Wiand. Diesel and Shawn Michaels cut a promo against Sid and Jeff Jarrett and they say don’t mess with the Dudes with Attitudes.

-Fatu vignette of him in his local neighborhood and he says that since he went to school and did not do drugs he is on his way to the top of the WWF. He tells us to make a difference.

Rad Radford vs. Scott Taylor:

Yes, this time it is THAT Scott Taylor. Andrea Lipics is our guest ring announcer and she is probably the best looking one we’ve had. Taylor fires away on Radford to start but just gets thrown over the top rope for his efforts. Radford hits Taylor with a flying clothesline from the apron and delivers a double underhook suplex on the arena floor. Radford then hits a suicide dive to kill Taylor further and tosses him back into the ring. Back in, Taylor tries a sunset flip but Spicolli just pulls Taylor up and slaps him. Hendrix makes a reference to Barry Horowitz, who had just defeated Skip on the Action Zone a week or so prior to this. Radford hits a spinebuster off the ropes and a follows it up with a snapmare as McMahon announces that he will be facing Fatu next week. That doesn’t sound good for Radford. Radford hits a missile dropkick and a Northern Lights suplex finishes at 2:37. Good squash but it probably should have ended quicker after that suicide dive.

-We get highlights from Monday Night Raw when Diesel showed up and announced who his lumberjacks were going to be for In Your House against Sid. It culminates with Sid’s lumberjacks coming to ringside and Vince asking Sid to step into the ring to face Diesel but Sid decides not to do it. What’s funny about this whole segment is that Vince is wearing the WWF title over his shoulder for much of it and yells at Sid as if he is the champion.

Skip (w/Sunny) vs. Russ Greenberg:

Clips are shown of Barry Horowitz pinning Skip with Jim Ross’s epic “Horowitz wins” call. Skip opens the match with a hiptoss but Greenberg fights back. Skip blind charge in the corner eats boot but Skip counters a Greenberg blind charge with a powerslam. Skip hits a suplex and a slam. Greenberg turns a missed dropkick by Skip into a rollup for one as Skip begins to get paranoid about getting pinned. Skip gets a fist drop from the second rope and a superduperplex gets the pin at 2:12. Very serviceable squash match.

-Isaac Yankem D.D.S. tells a young patient that he is going to have to pull a tooth because it has abscessed. He pulls a tooth as the camera censors the image of the tooth he lifts up. Jerry Lawler is in there to provide commentary. That has to violate some form of doctor-patient privilege.

-Goldust vignette that is nothing more than Howard Finkel saying “From Hollywood, California…Goldust!”

-Call 1-800-TITAN-91 for your In Your House 2 t-shirt for $16. However, if you’re small or medium sized don’t expect to get one because they are only in large, extra large, and double extra large categories!

Adam Bomb vs. Kenny Kendall:

Bomb puts Kendall in a hammerlock and Kendall gets to the ropes to break. Lockup sees Kendall get in a knee but Bomb takes him down with a drop toe hold and delivers a running elbow drop. Bomb gets a suplex and a chinlock. Kendall delivers a jawbreaker to escape the chinlock and fires away. Bomb blocks some additional shots, though, and floors Kendall with a magical big right hand. Bomb delivers a hiptoss and a series of clotheslines. Side suplex and the Neutron Bomb clothesline finishes at 2:30. Afterwards, Bomb throws his “bomb” footballs into the crowd. This squash probably would have been better if Bomb just dominated Kendall with power moves.

-Live Event News with Stan Lane and he talks some more about the August 12th Madison Square Garden show. Sid, Jeff Jarrett, and Ted DiBiase cut a promo against Diesel and Shawn Michaels. He welcomes Jarrett aboard and Jarrett says Michaels has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong. Sid says time is running out and the Corporation will be taken straight to the top.

-Doc Hendrix gives his predictions for the In Your House pay-per-view and in fact, he only misses one match.

-We’re played out by Jeff Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight” music video.

-Next week tune in to see “Making a Difference” Fatu battle Rad Radford. Also, the 1-2-3 Kid, Savio Vega, and Razor Ramon team up to battle the Blu Brothers and Uncle Zebekiah.

The Final Report: A good show overall. Anytime this show can have a match go over ** you know its good. Two of the three squashes were solid as well. We’ll switch over to Monday Night Raw to pick up where In Your House 2 left off before coming back over to do Superstars and the 1995 editions of the Action Zone.

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