One Year in Knoxville – April 11, 1992

Bob Caudle welcomed us to the show. Dutch Mantell and Carl Styles were with him. Caudle announced that today we’d see Hollywood Bob Holly in action, as well as two first-round matches in the tag title tournament. Caudle also hinted we’d hear about some developments involving Brian Lee, Paul Orndorff had something to say, and we’d finally meet Cornette’s mystery team, who would be facing the Batten Twins.

Caudle then asked where Carl Styles had been. Mantell told him it wasn’t any of his business and we headed to the ring, where Ben Jordan was already waiting. His opponent, Bob Holly, soon made his appearance.

As Holly took off his robe, Mantell pointed out that he was still undefeated. The two locked up and Holly got a headlock, then shoulder blocked Jordan down when he escaped. Jordan then hip tossed Holly when he came across the ring, slammed him, and went to work on his arm.

Holly backed Jordan into the ropes and whipped him only for Jordan to reverse the whip. Holly then intercepted a backdrop and suplexed Jordan down. Holly choked Jordan into the ropes and sent him into the turnbuckle.

Holly slammed Jordan and covered for a two count. Holly whipped Jordan and nailed a back elbow for another two count. Holly snapmared Jordan and locked in a headlock.

Holly drilled Jordan’s head with an elbow and then hit a backbreaker. Holly pulled Jordan up, whipped him into the corner, and Jordan escaped a charge. Jordan dropkicked Holly down and hit a back elbow. Jordan went for another backdrop and Holly dropped an elbow on him. Holly slammed Jordan and headed up top. Holly hit the Star Drop and covered for the win.

We then headed to commentary, where Caudle was standing with the Koloffs, who had paid their fines. Ivan said that people behind the scenes had tried to run them out of the company. Ivan then said that they would win the tournament.

We came back to see Caudle and Bob Armstrong there to discuss the upcoming Volunteer Slam. Armstrong announced that the event would take place on May 22 in Knoxville. He added that both the heavyweight and tag team champions would be decided on that night. Armstrong also mentioned that some Japanese wrestlers would be coming in for the event as well.

Armstrong closed by saying that Paul Orndorff had kept urging him to legalize the piledriver. Armstrong’s final word was that the piledriver was still illegal in Smoky Mountain.

After the commercial, Caudle updated us on the tag team brackets. The Maulers had defeated Johnny and Davey Rich and the Fantastics had defeated the Wild Bunch, so they would be facing each other in second round action. That left the Koloffs to face Davis and Maggs, and the Batten Twins to face Jim Cornette’s mystery team.

The Koloffs were already in the ring, set to face Danny Davis and Joey Maggs. Ivan and Maggs started off. The two locked up and Maggs got a headlock, then Koloff fought free. Maggs dodged a clothesline, then Ivan dodged a body press, and Maggs dodged again before nailing a dropkick. Maggs arm dragged Koloff down and worked his arm a moment before bringing Davis in.

Davis worked an arm wringer and tagged Maggs back in. Maggs kicked Ivan’s arm and kept working the arm. Maggs took Ivan down, dropped a leg, and brought Davis in.

Davis whipped Ivan into the corner and monkey flipped him out. The two fought over pinfalls before Maggs tagged back in. Maggs came off the rope and went back to the arm wringer.

Davis tagged and Ivan muscled him across the ring before tagging Vladimir. Davis got a headlock and bounced off Vladimir when he went for a shoulder block. The same thing happened again and Davis started rethinking his plan.

Davis soon tagged Maggs in and the two took Vladimir down with a double clothesline. Ivan pulled Maggs off and Maggs got a headlock. Vladimir picked him up and hit a backbreaker, then started clubbing away on him.

Maggs leapfrogged Vladimir and fell through the ropes to the floor. Ivan threw Maggs back in and Vladimir started clubbing Maggs again. Vladimir hit another backbreaker and got a two count.

Ivan tagged in and the Koloffs hit a double clothesline. Koloff hip tossed Maggs and dropped a leg. Ivan clawed at Maggs’s face and threw him into Vladimir’s boot. Vladimir tagged in for a double elbow and dropped an elbow of his own for a two count.

Vladimir kept clubbing Maggs and raked his eyes on the rope. Vladimir nailed a lariat and covered for another two count. Vladimir clubbed him again and tagged Ivan.

Ivan hit an elbow and a knee lift, then tagged Vladimir. Maggs reversed a whip and hit an enzuiguiri. Maggs dove and tagged Davis, and Davis began fighting both Koloffs. He slugged Vladimir and dropkicked Ivan out of the ring.

Ivan hit a knee to Davis’s back and Vladimir raked his eyes. Maggs came in and all four men started brawling as the Fantastics came to ringside.

Bobby Fulton pulled Davis out of the way of a Vladimir charge and Davis covered Vladimir for the win.

We came back from commercial to find Caudle joined by Hector Guerrero, Dixie Dynomite, and Paul Orndorff. Dixie talked about how happy he was to be there and an entrant in the heavyweight tournament. Hector also mentioned how honored he was to be an entrant.

Caudle then turned to Paul Orndorff. Orndorff expressed his disgust at having to enter the tournament as a wild card. He mentioned how he’d beaten Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Caudle tried to point out that Orndorff hadn’t wrestled in the area enough to have a strong record in Smoky Mountain. Orndorff then said he could beat Dixie and Hector in a handicap match.

Orndorff and Hector started shoving each other and Orndorff seized the mic. Orndorff again expressed his disgust at the piledriver’s ban before promising to hurt somebody.

Hector and Orndorff headed to the ring for a wild card elimination match. Orndorff seized the ring mic to inform Hector that the word “Arriba” meant “Move a little faster, the border guards are coming,” and the match was set.

Hector began somersaulting around the ring while Orndorff removed his robe. Orndorff kept jawing at the ref and the two locked up. Orndorff hit a waist takedown that Hector escaped. Another lockup saw Hector snap mare Orndorff down.

Hector got another headlock and charged before bouncing off Orndorff. Hector charged and rolled Orndorff up for a two.

Hector protested his innocence as Dutch introduced the new referee – Mark Curtis. Hector and Orndorff locked up again and Orndorff backed Hector into the corner before starting to punch Hector down. Orndorff stomped away on Guerrero before choking him with his knee. Hector went for a sunset flip and Orndorff dropped a fist to stop that. Orndorff snapmared Hector and dropped an elbow. Orndorff then locked in another headlock. Hector backed Orndorff into the corner and Orndorff pitched Hector out of the ring.

Orndorff stomped Hector from the apron and then sent Hector into the safety barricade. Orndorff brought Hector back in and suplexed him down. Orndorff then hit a dropkick and dropped an elbow. Orndorff whipped Hector and Orndorff missed a dropkick.

Hector began peppering Orndorff with punches that sent Mr. Wonderful to his knees. Hector hip tossed Orndorff and hit a dropkick, then dodged Orndorff when he charged into the ring.

Hector climbed the ropes and hit a flying cross body only for Orndorff to roll through and get the win (with a handful of tights).

Hector started addressing the ref and Orndorff hit him from behind before putting him down with a piledriver. Ben Jordan came in to help and Orndorff hit him with a piledriver. Reno Riggins did the same and suffered the same fate. That brought Joey Maggs out, and Orndorff hit piledriver number four. Orndorff turned and left the ring, returning with a steel chair. Orndorff picked up Hector and hit another piledriver on the chair.

Orndorff was emotionless as Dixie Dynomite came out to check on Hector. Orndorff slowly climbed through the ropes and calmly walked to the back.

We came back from commercial to see Brad and Bart Batten on their way down to the ring.

Jim Cornette soon followed and seized the ring mic. After berating the fans for a moment, Cornette brought up his history of managing tag teams. He then introduced his new tag team – the Heavenly Bodies, Tom Prichard and Stan Lane. The Bodies then emerged to Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein.”

Caudle mentioned that Hector was going to the hospital as Lane and Brad locked up. Brad backed Lane into the ropes and the ref forced the break. The two locked up again and Brad got a headlock, then shoulder blocked Lane down. Lane slammed Brad down and posed for the fans.

Lane locked in an arm wringer and brought in Prichard. Prichard worked the arm and got a headlock, then dodged a kick and slammed Brad down.

Lane tagged in and so did Bart. Both Battens leapfrogged Lane, then hit a double hiptoss and double dropkick. Prichard came in and got the same treatment. Both Bodies left the ring and Cornette regrouped the troops.

Lane returned to the ring and took Bart down. Bart got a hammerlock and Lane stomped his foot before tagging in Prichard. Bart took Prichard down and tagged Brad, who came in off the top rope.

Bart tagged back in and came off the top rope as well, then tagged Brad to further damage Prichard’s arm. Prichard got a kick and with a little help from Lane he took Brad down. Prichard suplexed Brad and tagged in Lane. Lane hit a kick and a shot to Brad’s throat, then took him down with a clothesline.

Prichard tagged in and the Bodies hit a double back elbow, double snap mare, and then a double choke.

(The illegal) Lane took Brad down and then Brad flipped him for a pin. Prichard came in illegally to break up the pin and started chopping Brad in the corner. Brad took Prichard down with a clothesline and both men were down.

Bart tagged in and slammed both Bodies, then dropkicked both of them. Bart followed with a noggin knocker and hit a cross body on Prichard for two.

Both Bodies hit a double suplex on Bart behind the ref’s back and Lane covered for the win.

After a quick commercial Cornette and the Bodies joined Caudle for a word. Prichard said they were there for one reason – to win the tag titles and money. Prichard threw out an open challenge and Caudle said goodbye for another week. We closed by seeing two matches announced for next week – Carl Styles vs. Dixie Dynomite in a wild card match and Paul Orndorff vs. Davey Rich.

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