Inside Pulse WWE Smackdown Report 04/16/10

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Chris Jericho strolls down to the ring to get tonight’s broadcast started and while he does, Matt and Todd let us know that Monday night the Hoff made a World title match for Extreme Rules with Jack Swagger defending against Randy Orton. As you might expect this does not please Mr. Jericho in the least. Chris makes an excellent point about him getting screwed out of what should be a guaranteed rematch for the title and calls for Teddy Long to not only fix this situation but to also hand in his resignation. But since we cannot allow common sense to enter into the discussion Edge comes down for a rebuttal. Edge talks about his finishing move and of course thinks that he should get a title shot instead. Teddy Long decides to holla’ at some playa’ hatin’ playa’s and while doing so announces a triple threat match for the title tonight with both Jericho and Edge getting a shot at Swagger.

Drew McIntyre def Kane: After a replay of his recent treatment of Matt Hardy, Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre slowly makes his way to the ring. Once there he cuts a brief promo for some cheap heat before Kane enters. Drew starts the match with a flurry of punches and kicks but they have little effect and Kane responds in kind before hip tossing him across the ring. McIntyre fights his way out of a side headlock but after a running shoulder block finds himself right back in the hold. A snap mare and seated drop kick gets Kane a quick tow count but he misses a charge into the corner and eats a big boot on the rebound. Matt Striker gives us a Kane history lesson as he gets a big boot of his own which he follows with a side slam for another two count. Kane scores with a flying clothesline and looks for the chokeslam but Drew sees it coming and leaves the ring. McIntyre might be looking to escape up the ramp and take the count-out but Matt Hardy stops his progress and forces him back into the ring. The ref calls for a DQ (in Drew’s favor) as Kane buries him with a chokeslam. Hardy foolishly gets in the ring to talk trash to the IC champ so Kane gives him a chokeslam for costing him the match.

Meanwhile in the GM’s office, Jack Swagger barges in to complain about Teddy’s match making during the opening segment, but Teddy could really care less.

Dolph Ziggler def R-Truth: As Ziggler makes his way to the ring, Todd and Matt show their disproval (and a replay) of Dolph’s action against Josh Matthews last week. Dolph then makes a sarcastic apology as he was forced to by the office. R-Truth then asks the crowd what’s up before telling Ziggler what is by calling him out for his apology attempt. Dolph offers Truth a handshake on the lock-up but responds with punches instead and then hits an inverted body slam. Truth is quickly back into things however with a clothesline and shoulder block. Truth reverses a toss into the corner and hits a spinning wheel kick followed by a huge hip toss. Ziggler dodges the Lie Detector and then locks on the sleeper hold as Truth gets to his feet. After a brief struggle the ref calls for the bell and Ziggler wins another one with his dreaded sleeper hold.

Michelle McCool def Mickie James: Both Layla and Vickie accompany Michelle to ring side but I am sure that will have bearing what-so-ever on the match. The girls get into a push-up contest in the early going which leads to James hitting a dropkick and getting a couple of quick roll-up attempts. McCool gains the advantage during an exchange in the corner and then heels it up by attacking the hair before locking on the head scissors. Michelle continues her advantage by scoring with a series of knee strikes but loses it once James reverses an attack in the corner with a head scissor toss. The action spills outside as McCool tries to take a break but is followed out by James who hits both Michelle and Layla with Thesz presses. Action returns to the ring and Mickie hits a neckbreaker but as she goes for the cover Layla distracts the ref. Layla gets dumped but the distraction is enough for McCool to recover and hit kick James in the face for the win. After the match McCool wants to add insult to injury but Beth Phoenix makes the save.

Rey Mysterio & Hart Dynasty def Straight Edge Society: The Miz joins the commentary team to brag about his big victory over DH Smith Monday night on Raw as Punk and Smith start the match. Punk however decides he doesn’t want to be first and sends in Gallows instead. As we get more camera shots of the Miz arguing with Todd than the action in the ring, Smith hits Luke with a power slam and tags in Kidd. However Mysterio also enters and Gallows suffers stereo dropkicks from them after a drop toe hold by Smith. Luke makes it back to his corner and tags in Punk who quickly ends up on the wrong end of an armbar from Kidd. Punk and Tyson go back and forth as the Miz takes credit for retiring Shawn Michaels. Kidd makes the tag to Mysterio and he and Smith hold Punk up in vertical suplex position so that he can springboard into Punk for a body press and a nearfall. Punk rebounds and pounds on Mysterio in the corner and gets a two count after a baseball slide that pushes Rey into the ring post. Rey hits his big bulldog on a reversal and gets set up for the 619 but Punk slides out of the ring before it can connect and we take a commercial break.

As we return to the Miz show, Darren Young is in the ring against Mysterio with Rey in control. Smith is tagged back in and stomps away on Young before tagging in Kidd and they hit a double shoulder block. Young is able to push Kidd back into the SES corner and tag Gallows in. Kidd tries a springboard maneuver but Luke hits him with the big boot. Gallows gets two on the cover then Young tags in and gets two after a neckbreaker. Punk tags in and hits a backbreaker as the two counts continue. Punk slams Tyson and tags in Young but he whiffs on a second rope leg drop. Young tags in Punk and he knocks Rey off the apron to prevent that tag but Kidd kicks him away and reaches Smith for the tag. Smith floors Punk with a series of strikes before big booting Young off the apron and punching Gallows as well. Punk sneaks up behind for a roll-up which Smith reverses but he can’t hold him down. Smith gets distracted by Luke so Kidd launches himself off the apron onto Gallows to remove the threat. However as so as Smith turns back around to Punk he gets leveled with a kick to the head. The ensuing cover only gets a two count so Punk lays into him with a series of knees. Punk misses on the high knee in the corner, thanks to a drop toe hold by Smith, and Mysterio hits him with a 619 around the ring post. Smith then follows with a power slam and it is enough for the three count and the win.

Caylen Croft def JTG: Barreta is at ringside to support his fellow Dudebuster as the announce team discuss Cryme Tyme’s break-up. As the match starts, Shad strolls out to the ring and Croft quickly takes control of the match. A back suplex gets a two count for Croft and some knee drops get another count of two. JTG hits a spinning neckbreaker and it sparks a comeback. He goes for the Mug Shot but it misses and Croft hits him with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. CC misses a charge into the corner and JTG hits him with the Shout Out and it is enough to get him the pinfall victory. After the bell, Shad comes in to beatdown his former homie but JTG turns the tide and runs him off after hitting him with the Mug Shot.

Meanwhile in a back hallway, Edge gives himself a pep talk for his upcoming match as Josh Matthews stands there and nods approvingly.

Jack Swagger def Edge & Chris Jericho: They do the fancy “big match” in-ring introductions for the match and after the bell rings, Jericho back Edge into a corner and both he and Swagger toss some punches his way. Jericho then uses this opportunity to roll Swagger up, but Jack kicks out easily and tosses him with a belly-to-belly suplex for his trouble. Edge attacks Swagger as Jericho slides out of the ring. Jack gets tossed out over the top rope and Jericho returns to attack Edge from behind. As he bounces off the ropes, Swagger trips Edge and both he and Jericho take turns getting their shots in. Swagger hits Edge with a belly-to-belly and he and Jericho attempt some tandem offense but both get sent out over the top rope instead. Edge then connects with a double baseball slide as they try to climb back into the ring before going outside to attack them both. First Edge then Jericho try to isolate Swagger inside the ring but can’t take advantage before we hit a commercial break.

After the break, Edge charges and misses an attack in the corner on Swagger who then covers him for a two count. Edge tries to play chase with Swagger but eventually gets caught and hit with a backbreaker and covered for two. Jack punches Jericho off the apron and then hits Edge with the Swagger Splash for a nearfall. The champ pummels Edge in the corner until he slides out of the ring but when he follows him out, both Edge and Jericho attack him. Jericho gets Edge back into the ring and hits him with a back suplex for a two count. Jericho misses a charge into the corner against Edge, Swagger then attacks from behind, but Edge slips away and sends him directly into Jericho. The Rated R Superstar hits a second rope double clothesline to both men and gets fired up. Punches and big boots to both men have Edge in control and Swagger gets tossed out of the ring again. Jericho rolls up Edge for a swift two count but he misses on a follow-up Lionsault. Edge hits the Edge–O–Matic but it is not enough for three. Jericho misses a bulldog and Edge sets up for the spear but Chris dodges it and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Swagger interrupts and gets locked in the same hold. Edge breaks it up with an Edgecution to Jericho and then another to Swagger. Edge gets the crazy eyes but Jericho stops the spear attempt and cover shim for two. Swagger rolls up Jericho for a nearfall but gets hit with the Codebreaker and falls out of the ring. Jericho then sets up for the spear but Edge leapfrogs it and hits one of his own. Swagger pulls Edge out of the ring on the cover attempt and then pins Jericho himself for the win to retain his title. After the match, Swagger puts Edge back into the ring and then powerbombs him before leaving. Jericho then uses this opportunity to attack Edge’s leg in dastardly fashion as the show closes.