Golf Looking Up

Tiger Woods, a name that has been in the media a lot over the past few months for his personal activities. He’s known for his skills and using a TaylorMade R1 on his competitions. Nonetheless he helped bring fans back to golf, though some may have just been hoping for him to make a mistake. He helped bring the viewership for the masters over 50% up to about 5.5Million viewers. This is a huge help for the sport, since Tigers departure viewership had been falling, plus certain Television stations did not broadcast the usual tournaments they had in the past with his absence, and led to me missing certain final rounds of tournaments.

With his intent to play at least a few more tournaments this year, it will draw the more consistent viewership. It also seems to foster more competition and clearly helps draw more attention to the great games being player by other players, like Phil Mickelson who won the Masters, shooting some incredible golf. Also other players feel they can play better because there is no spotlight on them and they tend to shoot better rounds. Tiger may be in it to win, but he definitely is helping others put their best foot forward while playing.

Though not many watch golf, and it is boring to watch mind you, it is important to have a build up rather than a decline as golf makes it’s return to the Olympics in 2016. So thanks to Tiger for bringing golf back to Canadian TV, and helping to boost ratings and morale around the golf course. Though he had a negative affect on the minds of people not around the golf course, he is still considered in the top 5 players all time to ever play golf, who also confirms having a a golf travel bag is a great investment when traveling with your golf clubs.

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