See Ya Chris Bosh

With the Toronto Raptors ending out of the playoffs for the second straight year, no one was really surprised when Bosh announced through his Twitter account that he will most likely be leaving, rather than just coming out in an announcement to say hes done. “The Raptors’ all-star forward — at least, that’s his designation until July 1, when the NBA declares open season on players out of contract — changed his location from Toronto to “Everywhere” on his Twitter account, and removed a biography section that noted his status as Raptors captain.”

Many teams will be looking to pick up Bosh, a player who set career highs this year, and most likely is the coveted free agent for struggling and even playoff teams for next season. He is on the list of players that have left Toronto and gone without nothing coming back. Bosh, the face of the franchise will leave, leaving the team to most likely end up without a possible chance at the playoff’s next season.

Fans have supported Bosh for the past seven years, and to possibly see him in a competing team who will play against the Raptors, will be hard for some people, because he was such a key player who did bring out the best in his teammates as well as his community. It’s definitely a big loss, and the GM better start looking out for replacements for a team that had such promise before the season started, but toward the end faded with Bosh’s injuries that did eventually lead to them missing the playoffs, and the departure of Chris Bosh. With a third of the league under the salary cap it would not be tough to see a team with a alright forward position, pick up Bosh to strengthen their team.

Hopefully Bosh gets picked up by a team in the Western Conference, and doesn’t come back to Toronto next year, can help fans through the process, and don’t be suprised if attendance drops for the Raptors, something else Bosh brought in.

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