WWE NXT Finale Off Air Notes with Daniel Bryan, Kaval, Chris Jericho, More


The eliminated NXT Rookies were having a great time at the show:

Daniel Bryan nearly burst our laughing when Wade Barrett compared David Otunga to the Great Khali and when Kaval (a former ROH Wrestler with Danielson) was announced with Layla El and Michelle McCool. Michael Tarver also found the former hilarious.

Heath Slater and Darren Young laughed at the video of new NXT Rookie Percy, who is kind of like Little Richard.

After the show was over, Chris Jericho told all the rookies he expected to see them in the WWE soon, pointing at Daniel Bryan and saying “You Especially.” And just to review, that’s Jericho, Regal and Punk all semi-breaking character to pull for a face.

Credit: PWInsider.com

We have a ton on Daniel Bryan from on Grey Scherl, Will Pruett, and me.

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