WWE’s Jim Ross Talks NXT Winner, Kaval, Vince McMahon, Future Plans


Here’s what Ross had to say on his Blog:

“I would enjoy doing some DVD or WWE 24/7 On Demand interviews with the biggest stars in the biz. I can assure you that they would be asked provocative and thought provoking questions. Whether any of the answers would make air during the editing process might be another story.

No surprise that Wade Barrett won NXT Tuesday night live in Dallas. Looked like about 10,000 in the AAC. Just as an interested bystander, I would like to see William Regal mentor Barrett at the outset. Something about that pairing that intrigues me. Barrett has the look of a young Billy Robinson one of the all time badass hookers who trained in Wigan and who once wrestled the legendary wrestler Jack Brisco all night in an Australian hotel room.

Kaval has unique skills and is hungry for success, that I know. If he doesn’t make it in WWE he should go to Hollywood and use those pipes of his in animated films. Being mentored however by Layla and Michelle McCool will be different.

Some of the names the NXT rookies have been anointed with are eye brow raisers like Curt Hennig’s son Joe is now going to be called McGillicutty. Help me with this one. I understand protecting one’s intellectual property but McGillicutty? Wasn’t that Lucille Arnez’ maiden name on ‘I Love Lucy?’ Bottom line is if the kid is any where close to his dad he can be called any thing he wants.

I’m looking forward to season two of NXT and am anxious to see how many new ‘tweaks’ will be utilized. Strictly speaking as a fan I would love to see some of the ‘Tuf Enough’ elements utilized from time to time including the whole crew living in a dorm-like setting.

An emailer asked me to describe Vince McMahon in three words. So many words come to mind but to prevent from being moved from the pasture to the feedlot I will go with….”Very, Very, Rich.”

It looks like WWE has lined up a really cool, THQ video game for me to work on and that I will likely be broadcasting along side the King in the game where Legends compete with active Superstars. I’m not sure of the release date or the creative details, etc but the concept, as explained to me, was really cool. I hope to begin my voice overs in the next week or two. We’re burning daylight on this one and need to get rocking. I’m ready! ”

Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.