WWE’s Jim Ross Comments on Half Pint Brawlers, Drug Abuse


Jim Ross

On Half Pint Brawlers: Checked out ‘Half Pint Brawlers’ on Spike Wednesday night. I hope the show makes it and it might if the producers allow the viewers to get to know the ‘Brawlers’ away strictly from the ‘Jackass-like’ antics that are featured. Through character development will help encourage viewers to watch the show. If this show is more about the characters, their lives, their travel, challenges of being a little person and less about wrestling it might make it. I’ll watch it again.

On Drug Abuse in Wrestling: It still amazes me that the wrestling biz often times gets the lion’s share of the blame when egocentric, immature performers who do inadequate financial planning run into ‘Randy the Ram-like’ problems. They lament of the ‘300 days a year on the road’ and the multitude of injuries they miraculously endured which necessitated them to abuse prescription pain meds which has become a worn out tale.

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Glazer is a former senior editor at Pulse Wrestling and editor and reviewer at The Comics Nexus.