5 Ingredient Fix Goes Back To the Old Set

The new season of 5 Ingredient Fix stated yesterday. Some observations:

1) They moved Claire back to her “country kitchen” set which seems to fit the show’s better. The Manhattan kitchen set, while nice, didn’t seem to fit the show for some reason.

2) And the move back to the kitchen is accompanied by a return to her Southern accent. Maybe it was part and parcel of the “barbecue” episode, but her accent was much more pronounced in this episode. I don’t know if this was a Tuschman-inspired “we love the southern accent, use it” thing or just a “I’m talking barbecue” thing.

3) Newman returned!

4) They dropped the terrible, obnoxious five-ingredient montage and replaced it with a less-obnoxious ingredient montage. I still don’t think they should interrupt the flow of the show with an ingredient list. I think it should be a recap after the recipe is done.

5) Happy to see Claire continuing to get her superstar push on the network. Next up, defeating Sunny Anderson in a cage match for the Intercontinental Title.