WWE Injury Notes on Undertaker and Randy Orton

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Undertaker’s broken orbital bone, originally posted here, is the second time in his career he’s suffered that injury. In the mid-1990s he also broke his orbital bone against Mabel/Big Daddy V. The WWE was also unhappy about the blood from this injury, but couldn’t edit it out.

Randy Orton, meanwhile, dislocated his shoulder trying to slam a basketball on 5/22 two days before the PPV. He was already favoring his shoulder the next night, in Cincinnati at a house show. He re-separated it when doing his ring punching to set up the RKO, as most noted. He is going to need surgery, as this is the third time he’s dislocated it, but is putting it off, attempting physical therapy. His RKO on Raw on Edge was because most assumed he wouldn’t be able to, though he came up holding the shoulder. Edge’s attack on him gives them an excuse to keep Orton off television and, if need be, the Pay Per View.

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Credit: The Wrestling Observer.

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