10 Thoughts on Smackdown for 06.11.2010: Kane, Divas & more

1. I like the fact that WWE have made Kane a strong character. When his music hits you know his going to come down and beat everybody up and not wimp out like some of the other big guys do in other promotions *cough*Abyss*cough.*

2. Normally I hate it when I’m watching Smackdown and RAW recall comes up and takes up ten minutes of the show. But this week I liked it as I got to see the NXT invasion again. However, how come there is never a Smackdown segment on RAW? They don’t even refer to SD at all on RAW. That’s not good advertising.

3. Where was NXT on SD this week? It didn’t have to be another crazy invasion but perhaps just Wade at the top of the ramp or Heath in the crowd. Just a little peek to show that they are here to stay and that all the superstars should watch out.

4. Again I have to say: where the heck has Cody Rhodes gone? And Shad?! MVP wasn’t on our screens this week as well which was kind of stupid since SD was in his home state and the crowd would of loved it.

5. It seems WWE are recycling their old storylines again. Dolph and Vickie is just Vickie/Edge/that other man who was around for 5 minutes. The same with the Undertaker/Kane storyline, will this just be a repeat of HBK/HHH and Jeff/Matt? – Where the guy who goes around accusing is the same guy who committed the problem in the first place.

6. Now, I love Drew and it pains me to say this but I hate this storyline. It has been happening for far too long now and is just getting repetitive and boring. Also why is Kofi getting involved all the time? He should be having matches defending his belt rather than just having a go at Drew.

7. Smackdown seriously needs more divas asap. With the amount of divas on the roster that WWE actually use there is no need for two belts at all. They should unify the Divas belt and the Woman’s championship and the champion should then have to go onto each show to defend their belt (like the tag belts.) You wouldn’t have a football league with just three teams in it would you? – Because that is basically what both the woman’s belts are at the minute.

8. Talking about the tag belts, how come The Hart Dynasty never come on to Smackdown to defend their belts? – Or at least to have tag team match. At least SD has two tag teams to wrestle rather than just the one RAW has *sighs – how the times have changed.*

9. Jack Swagger has had the opening match thrice in a row now. His the World Heavyweight Champion, surely he should be in the main event? This wouldn’t happen on RAW. Imagine Cena having the opening match – nop? I can’t either.

10. Dolph Zigglers finishers are really really poor. How is a move where he basically jumps on your back and drags you to the mat with no impact at all supposed to hurt? And the sleeper, well getting beat by that is like getting beat by a wrist lock. I suggest that he starts to take up the fisherman’s suplex.

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