Pulse Wrestling Report: WWE Friday Night Smackdown, 06.18.2010 – Fake Undertaker, CM Punk, Kaval, Kane & More

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We open this week with a video clip, reviewing the past shows. Mainly covering Kane and his mission to get revenge for who ever attacked the Undertaker.

This serves well to remind the viewers of what happened, as CM Punk comes out. Punk proclaims that he is going to win the championship at “Fatal 4-Way” he also says that he had nothing once again to do with what happened to the Undertaker. Although he would like to shake the hand of the one that did do the job.

Lights begin to flicker on and off as the place goes dark. When the lights come on someone looking like the Undertaker is standing in the ring. (Pretty sure they will not kill the angle just yet.)

CM cautiously starts poking at the person in the long trench coat, soon it is revealed the person is Luke Gallows. They begin to mock the Undertaker and start destroying his clothing. This causes Kane to come out. Kane walking with the purpose of bringing destruction once again to the ring, is soon attacked from behind by World Champion Jack Swagger.

Kane is unable to fight off the attack from Swagger and the SES. Kane is held down as Swagger repeatedly hits his spring board middle rope splash.

Rey Mysterio and the Big Show come to Kane’s aid. Fighting off the members of the SES and Swagger. Rey sees Kane in a weakened state and hits him with the “619.” Staggering back from the attack Kane is caught in the choke slam by the Big Show. Rey leaves the ring after receiving a “Get the hell out of Dodge” look from Show.   Big Show begins to hover over Kane (lack of a better term) like a sexual predator. “For the last time, I had nothing to do with what happened to the Undertaker!”


We come back with a recap of Drew McIntyre coming to SmackDown.


MVP, Christian -vs- Hawkins, Archer

With the previous attacks on MVP and Christian. Hawkins and Archer have been given a second contract. MVP and Christian look to make it something they will regret signing.

Hot on his heels, Christian starts off and unloads a series of punches and quick moves, Hawkins attempts to disrupt him by verbally insulting him, thus causes Christian to slap his face. Christian tags in MVP, who continues the upper hand for a few more moves (mainly punches).

Christian and MVP get Hawkins and Archer on the outside, where they both do a leap over the top rope and tackle both men down. After a few moments of no real moves, Hawkins introduces MVP to the steel step via a head first shove.

-We go to Break-

We come back and Hawkins is working on the left arm of MVP. After a few moments of a nice over the shoulder arm bar, and cross face, MVP is able to get back to his feet. Where he grabs onto the head of Hawkins and drops down into a jaw breaker, allowing MVP to eventually get the tag to an ever waiting Christian! With a quick pop from the crowd Christian comes in “Like a house of fire!” starts clearing the ring of Hawkins, when Archer decides to try his hand but he is soon met by MVP. Once again MVP meets the steel, this time shoved shoulder first to the metal post from inside the ring. Christian is double teamed by Hawkins and Archer. With an elbow off the top, Hawkins and Archer score the pin.

MVP tries to help Christian but ends up with the same fate as him.

We cut away to Kaval walking with Lay Cool. Then once again we have A Teddy Long match promo….

Vickie Guerrero and Chavo are talking in the office when we come back. Chavo begins to say how excited he is to have her here with him when Dolph Diggler comes into the picture. Vickie tells Chavo to get ready for his match. Chavo not knowing he was suppose to wrestle, leaves to get dressed. We go back to Dolph who is sporting a utility belt, which is causing his wrestling tights to slip a little. All to the great entertainment of Vickie.

MATCH : JTG -vs- Chavo

Chavo comes down to the ring still wrapping his wrists up in tape. When the match starts he tries to stop and tie one of his boots, JTG gets too close and Chavo gets the upper hand quickly. Chavo lands a nice running Liger kick. He pays the price when he tries a slingshot summer-salt.

JTG places both knees in his back, giving JTG the upper hand. With a series of kicks and punches, JTG has the match in hand, before Chavo gains it back for a moment, to be countered into “Da Shout Out” for the pin.

After a Kofi Interview (recapping his feud with McIntyre) we go to a break.

MATCH          Teddy Long -vs- Drew McIntyre

Teddy only comes out when Drew threatens to fire him. Drew also gets his security force out to protect him from Kofi and Matt Hardy.

Drew begins to verbally bash Teddy, getting him on his knees and proclaiming Drew the chosen one. Then Teddy is forced to lay in the middle of the ring and Drew places his foot on top of his chest for the three count. After the match Drew was going to attack Teddy but Kofi comes out to try and make the save. The guards hold him back and allow Drew a chance to get some cheap shots in and beats him down. Matt Hardy comes from the stands once again and attacks Drew from behind. Guards swarm him as well and Drew is able to beat him down, leaving both of them in the ring next to each other.

MATCH: Layla -vs- Kelly Kelly

Layla and Kelly start the feeling out process with exchanging headlocks and punches, but Layla steps it up and slips in a tumbling small package roll and almost gets the quick pin on her. Kelly kicks out and gets back to her feet and lands a Thesz press. After a few punches Kelly gets off of Layla, allowing her to get back up. Kelly lands a one legged drop kick, forcing her to the outside.


When we come back Kelly has the upper hand and soon Layla grabs Kelly by the head and drops her down onto the top rope (across her throat).

Kelly not phased by this too much is able to recover quickly and whips Layla into the corner and misses her hand spring elbow. (Some where the Great Muta is wishing he died… so he could roll over in his grave.)

After a distraction from Tiffany and McCool, Kelly is able to hit the K2 for the win!

We go to Swagger giving a “Going for the Gold” promo. (Everyone needs their PPV hard sell time right?)


We come back to Vickie introducing Dolph.

MATCH: Dolph Diggler -vs- Chris Masters

Diggler tries to start wearing Masters down by working on of his arms. Masters proves he is to powerful and easily gets out of the arm bar. Masters tries to slap on the Master Lock quickly, But Dolph drops down and escapes between Chris’ legs. Masters continues the offense as he picks Dolph up for a over the shoulder power slam. Dolph is able to slip out of it and put Chris into the sleeper from behind. Masters once again proves too powerful for the sleeper and forces his way out. Able to reverse it, Chris locks in the Master Lock, but Dolph is in good ring position as he is able to get to the ropes. This causes Masters to break the hold. As Chris backs away, Dolph is laying in wait. He kicks Chris’ knee and slips behind him and lands the Zig-Zag for the win!

We have a recap of Raw… (I don’t really care… this is SmackDown for goodness sake.)

Rey Mysterio comes out for the match and we go to break.

MATCH: Rey Mysterio, Big Show -vs- Jack Swagger, CM Punk

When we come back Swagger and Rey start out. Where Rey is easily over powered by Swagger. Using some of his amateur background, Jack drives Rey to the mat. Picking Rey up, Jack forces him into the corner and CM Punk comes in and starts to deal some serious punishment. Thinking he has the situation under control, CM lets up and that allows Rey to use his quickness and explosiveness off the ropes to start rocking CM Punk. CM is able to slip in a sun set flip in but Rey rolls through, eventually tries to go for the mask, but Punk rolls to the outside. Mysterio decides to go out after him and pays for his mistake as he is greeted by Luke Gallows and one heck of a clothesline.


We come back and CM has Rey in a one armed camel clutch. Rey is able to make it back to his feet, breaking free from CM. Mysterio hits the ropes once again, this time he is caught by a waiting Punk. Punk catches him and very fluid looking power slam. Bringing Rey back to the corner, CM and Swagger begin to work him over with a series of stiff kicks and punches.  Swagger tosses Rey around and begins to work over his left arm.

When Rey gets his breath back, Rey is able to make his way to the Big Show and tag him in. Show does a nice Butt Block in the corner and running shoulder block out of the ropes. He tries to choke slam Swagger but Swagger counters it into a DDT.

Show tags Rey in, Mysterio climbs the top and launches himself at Swagger, who steps back and lets Rey fall. Jack grabs his legs and sling shots Rey into the corner. Thinking he has Mysterio where he wants him, Swagger gets set for the Gut Wrench Power Bomb, but Rey counters it into, well it looked like he sat on his head. “The Rey driver”! REY gets the win over the champ again!

We finish with Kane coming out and attacking everyone. Proclaiming he is going to make Fatal 4-Way fatal for someone…