Friday Night Lights – Episode 4-8 Review

Friday Night Lights: Episode 4-8, “Toilet Bowl”

While Coach Taylor and the Lions desperately seek their first W, Tami & Julie head to Boston for a college interview.

“We’re not scrappers anymore, we’re Lions.” Coach gives his players a passionate pep-talk, everyone knowing full well how badly East Dillon needs to win the upcoming game dubbed “The Toilet Bowl”. There’s just one problem: Luke, arguably their best player, is hurt and nobody knows it.

Meanwhile, Julie’s off to visit Boston College – one of her dream schools. But she’s not exactly in the right frame of mind. Tami’s forced to snap Julie out of her funk.

There’s never a dull moment with the Riggins brothers, is there? Mindy is convinced Billy’s cheating on her, thanks to his late-night car chopping. Tim initially has the right idea: attempting to talk Billy out of it. Yet in the end, Tim’s pulled in by the lure of a quick buck.

There’s a new love triangle forming at East Dillon High, and poor Landry’s on the wrong side. It’s obvious that Jess is feeling something again for the new and improved Vince. Then there’s Becky, who’s getting closer and closer to Tim. I’m torn regarding their relationship. Think I like them better as friends.

I like that good ‘ol Buddy is taking an interest in the Lions. He lets Eric knows he’s going to help him, and proves it by getting the Lions radio coverage. Sure it’s a Spanish radio station, but you gotta start somewhere.

Finally, it’s Toilet Bowl time. Gotta say I’m not sure how the coaches don’t notice something isn’t right with Luke, and it nearly costs East Dillon their first win. But they do get it done, albeit by the skin of their teeth…

“Toilet Bowl’s” best moments for me were in Boston. I also thought the dinner scene with Vince, his mother and Jess was strong. As hard as his mother is trying, you have to figure a setback is inevitable. Such is life in Dillon these days.